How To Calibrate G-Shock Digital/Analogue Watches

Analogue Hand & Digital Display Setting. G-shock watches

If you own a hybrid digital and analogue watch, you can occasionally run into some delay or difference between the two displayed times. 

Strangely enough, the issue when the analogue hands and digital time are out of sync can be caused by magnetisation. This can happen when your watch comes into contact with x-rays, or potentially even something as simple as a microwave.

How To Calibrate G-Shock Watches

If you happen to have run into this uncommon issue, our video will guide you through the steps to get your G-shock watch back to normal. 

Analogue Hand & Digital Display Setting

To fix this issue, you'll start by pressing and holding down the adjust button for 5 seconds or just until the hand set icon appears.

Once you're in the hand set menu, which should display 'H.SET' on the bottom left, you can use the mode button to cycle to the minute and hour hand setting.

G-shock Analogue Hand & Digital Display Setting. Settings

When the hands have finished moving around you can set them using the light and search buttons.

Holding down either of these buttons will make the hands move at a fast speed by themselves. The trick to actually calibrate the analogue hands to the digital time is to stop the hands on 12 o'clock.

To stop the hands from moving just press either of the buttons once. Make sure that all 3 hands are on 12. If you need to move the seconds hand just hit the mode button until the digital seconds are flashing, then use the light or search buttons to change it, just like the other hands.

How To Change the Analogue Hands & Digital Display Setting. Setting To 12 Hours.

Once all three hands are aligned on 12, hit the adjust button to exit the menu and watch it wind towards the time you've set.

Hit the adjust button once while out of the time set menu to switch the digital display from day and date to time.

So there you go, that's how to calibrate the analogue time with the digital time on your G-shock watch.

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