Men's Watches

If you're in the market for men's watches, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of designs, models, and brands to choose from. From digital smart watches that sync with your smartphone to analogue watches that give a vintage feel, it is important to focus on pieces that deserve your attention.

Our men's watches come in various styles and functionalities, allowing you to choose a piece that speaks to you. We carry all types of men's watches in our online catalogue, from a classic yet stylish wristwatch for men to men's casual watches.

As an authorised online men's watches store that houses many great brands and with over 70 years of experience in the watch industry, here are the benefits you receive when purchasing a timepiece from us:

Flexible and affordable payment options

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How to choose the right watch for men?

When choosing the right men's watch from our collection, consider the following factors:


First thing's first. It's important to know what it is exactly that powers the watch. With different types of watches available in the market, you need to pick one that would match your style and needs as best as possible. There are movements ranging from quartz, automatic, mechanical, kinetic, and solar ones.

Quartz movement uses small battery power to operate it, while an automatic or self-winding watch runs on a rotor that converts arm movements into energy storage in a spring by winding up a mainspring using a weight rotating around its axis. Mechanical watches work similarly, but instead of a rotor affected by gravity, you have to manually wind it for it to run. Meanwhile, watches with kinetic movement run from the turning of your wrist via a tiny electrical generator inside your watch. By contrast, solar watches are powered by electric energy converted from light sources such as the sun.


Choosing a style is also an important factor to consider when buying men's watches. It's not just about what looks good on you, but it's also about your lifestyle. Selecting men's watches that are resistant to the elements of nature is important for active people. A modern smart watch that allows you to connect with your mobile phone is a very useful gadget, especially in today's world where people are always on the go.


It's equally important to pick a size that fits well so you can go about your day without having to continuously adjust your watch. The size is measured in millimetres. Most watches have a case diameter of 34 44 mm. You can use either a watch with a slim dial or an oversized watch depending on the size of your wrist.


Each part of a wristwatch can have different materials used for it: case, crown, bracelet (strap), bezel, back cover, and band. There are stainless steel watches with metal bracelets or resin straps too while some cases can be made of gold or titanium, which is also used for bracelets. Strap materials vary from alligator leather to rubber or plastic ones.

With the above features in mind, shopping for watches won't overwhelm you. Consider watch shopping at Watch Depot as a learning experience, and if something confuses you, do not be afraid to ask our customer support team for assistance.

How do you style men's watches?

Styling men's watches isn't a complicated process. It's about thinking like-for-like and matching your guys watches with what you are wearing.

As a standard rule, it's important to match up your metals wear silver with silver, and gold with gold. Look at the metal elements of your outfit, from the buckles on your belt, your rings, and even your glasses. Be sure to match them with your watch for a stylish look.

In formal events, leathers can help you look a bit more fashionable. This is especially true if you apply this like-for-like principle and choose men's watches that go together with the other leather elements in your outfit, such as a black watch strap to pair with your black belt and shoes.

If you prefer to keep your look more sporty, silicone watch straps are the way to go. You can also choose to showcase a pop of colour through your watch by selecting an iconic dial colour complementary to your outfit. This lets the people around you know that you pay attention to the finer details.

How do you maintain a men's watch?

A men's watch requires regular maintenance. Even though it is not as delicate as a ladies watch, it should still be properly looked after to ensure its durability and functionality. Here are some important guidelines for maintaining your men's watch:

  • Keep your watch away from extreme heat or cold conditions.
  • Avoid keeping your men's watch near magnets, magnetic objects, or strong electromagnetic fields.
  • Do not expose your watch to high pressure or humidity.
  • Keep your men's watch away from chemicals like perfume, makeup remover, or other solvents to avoid corrosion. Wipe the case and bracelet with a soft dry cloth after exposure to chemicals.
  • Have your men's watch serviced by an authorised dealer every three to five years (depending on the manufacturer). Your local authorised dealer can provide proper servicing and cleaning for your men's watch. The cost is minimal considering that it keeps the materials in good working order and prevents damage that can be costly if repairs are needed afterwards.

Most importantly, always keep track of your warranty and documentation. Keep these documents in a safe place when not wearing your watch.

If you experience any hiccups or problems when you buy men's watches from Watch Depot, you can contact us, and our customer service agents will assist you as best they can.

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