How To Change The Time On A Daniel Wellington Watch

How To Change The Time On A Daniel Wellington Watch: Banner.

Here's a quick guide on how you can change the time on your Daniel Wellington watch. If you've had any trouble with changing the time so far, it shouldn't take long for you to fix the issue and get to setting. 

In the video below, I outline the few step you can take to freely set time on a Daniel Wellington. I chose the Daniel Wellington DW00100127 which should be very similar to the watchmakers other models.  

Thankfully, adjusting the time is straightforward once you know how. First you'll need to locate the crown, which is this small button on the right side.

How To Adjust The Time On A Daniel Wellington Watch

If you've already been fiddling with your new watch, you've probably noticed that you cant get far by turning the crown in this state and that's because its still pushed in. It can be confusing, as the crown will still rotate the hands slightly, even in this position. 

How To Change The Time On A Daniel Wellington Watch. Crown.

The crown needs to be pulled out before you can properly change the time, which protects it from catching and changing your time setting throughout the day.

There's a small groove under the crown you can use to help your grip. It's easiest just to use a fingernail to pull it out. 

How To Change The Time On A Daniel Wellington Watch. Pull Out Crown.

Once the crown is out, it can be turned towards you to move the hands anti-clockwise, or away from you to move them clockwise.

As you rotate the minutes hand, the hour hand will follow behind. Keep moving until you've reached your current time, and then push the crown back in to lock in your setting.  

Once you've pushed the crown back in, your watch will now keep ticking as normal and the crown won't drastically affect the time if it gets caught on a sleeve or elsewhere. 

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