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Pulsar Watches

Pulsar Watches
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Pulsar Watches

Find the biggest range of Pulsar watches Australia has to offer online at Watch Depot.

These watches offer real value. Part of the world-famous Seiko watch family, Pulsar have a history of industry-leading achievements. Pulsar has been designing individualistic timepieces since 1972.

Pulsar watches are designed to fit looks for every wardrobe. Sleek and sporty or bold and strong. Whatever your look, there’s a Pulsar watch for you. Renowned for quality and flair, their watches help you express your style and ‘tell it your way’. With watches that offer water resistance, stainless steel designs and quality workmanship, you'll find something for both men and women in this collection.

The Pulsar women’s watches collection offers refined and modern looks. Fashionable designs feature a range of materials, including rose gold and stunning crystals. Pulsar’s men’s watches help you make a statement. Polished designs set every Pulsar watch apart. You can also check out our range of chronograph watches to find a piece packed with functionality. 

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Who makes Pulsar watches?

Pulsar was purchased by the Seiko Corporation in 1980 and since then, their watches have been produced by them. Today, Pulsar watches feature the same movements as Seiko watches. Together, the two brands share innovative design and universal appeal.

How to start a Pulsar watch?

To start a pulsar watch, simply pull out the screw-down crown and set the time. If the watch is worn daily, Pulsar's automatic winding mechanism will wind the watch to ensure it stays operational. 

What is a Pulsar watch?

Pulsar is a leading watch brand that is famous for creating the world's first electronic digital watch. They also created the first calculator watch and the first all-quartz watch line. They truly are a company that revolves around innovation. Their watches revolve around real value, quality and stylish flair. 

What battery does a Pulsar watch use?

Generally, Pulsar watches feature silver-oxide or lithium batteries. 

Watches that feature batteries are known as quartz watches. The batteries will last anywhere from one to five years. Caution should be exercised when replacing a battery because damage could void the warranty if purchased from an authorized dealer. Typically, the batteries should be changed every five years. 

Do Pulsar watches need batteries?

Like most other watches, Pulsar watches do need batteries. However, automatic watches do not need batteries because they are powered by kinetic energy that is generated with movement of the wearer's arm. 

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