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Since its inception in 1881, the Japanese brand Seiko has been a major player in the watch game, rivalling the likes of Casio, Citizen, TAG Heuer and G-Shock. Crafted from materials of the highest quality and the finest quartz movements, technology and innovation are embedded into the DNA of this watch brand. 

Naturally, as one of the key innovators in the watch market, Seiko watches provide a versatile range with everything from digital to chronograph watches in the collection. The brand also lays claim on several other subsidiary watch brands that have made a name for themselves in their own right. 

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Read on for a comprehensive guide on all of Seiko's watch lines and subsidiary brands.

A Guide To Seiko Watches Overview:

                Seiko Coutura Watches

                Functional everyday style and perfection meet in one watch with Seiko's Coutura collection. Offering the most advanced environmentally-friendly technology, this Seiko line features everything from chronograph watches to Kinetic watches. With a little bit of luxury provided by diamonds, ceramic and mother-of-pearl dials, Seiko Coutura watches are perfect for someone who likes classic timepieces with a little bit of glamour added into the mix. 

                seiko watch guide - seiko coutura

                Seiko Prospex Watches

                Launched in 1965, Seiko's Prospex line was the worlds first divers collection. The innovative technology would ultimately change the global standard when it came to producing waterproof watches. Offering great safety and reliability to both recreational and professional divers, Seiko Prospex watches are the ultimate ocean companion. With a contemporary and athletic design, this Seiko line is ideal for those who favour a sportier style. When it comes to diving watches, it's hard to look past a Prospex. Use this as your Seiko dive watch guide!

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                Seiko Le Grand Sport Watches

                A favourite amongst Seiko fans, Seiko Le Grand Sport watches are an ideal piece for those who like to spend most of their time outdoors. Unlike other sports watches which feature a more contemporary design usually featuring a leather or silicone band, Seiko's Le Grand line has an overall traditional look that is reminiscent of classic watch styles. Powered by solar, all of the watches in the Le Grand line are water-resistant.

                seiko watch guide - seiko le grand sport

                Seiko Presage Watches

                Combining the Japanese aesthetic with traditional craftsmanship and Seiko's mechanical watchmaking skills, Seiko Presage watches are one of the more premium lines in the collection. Oozing with style and class, their timeless design which often consists of stainless steel and leather bands means they will pair seamlessly with the majority of items in your wardrobe, from a classic pair of jeans to formal and office attire.  

                seiko watch guide - seiko presage watches

                Seiko 5 Watches

                Providing high levels of reliability, performance and durability for over 50 years, Seiko 5 watches are a line that is revered by mechanical watch lovers all over the globe. Offering practical features which make this watch the perfect everyday companion, its laid-back aesthetic also makes it ideal for upping your street-style game. Seiko 5 watches consistently push the boundaries to make edgy new designs while also embodying the traditional values of watchmaking.

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                Seiko Chronograph Watches

                For more than 130 years, Seiko watches have embodied innovation, functionality and superior style. Nothing is more evident of this than Seiko's chronograph watches. These watches offer an independent sweep second hand usually started, stopped, and returned to zero by successive pressure on the button. This allows you to use the moveable bezels as tachymeters to obtain immediate estimations to do with speed or distance. Diverse in their design, youll find everything from Coutura watches to Prospex watches in the Seiko chronograph collection.  

                Seikos Other Brands

                Did you know that Seiko owns and operates a range of different watch brands? Some of their most popular brands include: 

                Pulsar Watches

                Founded in 1972 by the Swiss watch manufacturer, Hamilton Watch Company (now known as Hamilton Metals Watches), Pulsars early innovation is responsible for the worlds first LED digital watch. Seiko would acquire the brand in 1978 where they would continue their innovation by producing the worlds first all-quartz line. Today Pulsar watches are known for producing sleek and stylish stainless steel, leather and chronograph watches that embody a timeless aesthetic that will never date. 

                Lorus Watches

                Lorus watches were first introduced in Europe in 1982 to complement Seiko's other booming watch brand, Pulsar. With hundreds of new designs released across the globe every year, Lorus offers watches to suit every kind of style and lifestyle, whether youre into timeless stainless steel watches, contemporary leather band watches, sporty digital watches or edgy watches with comfortable yet durable watches with a silicon band.

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                Alba Watches

                Founded in 1979, this Seiko brand, Alba watches has gained an immense following in Asia and the Middle East but is quickly growing in popularity within other parts of the world including in Australia. Embodying the same values for innovation as their parent company, Alba has a huge range of watches including timeless stainless steel link watches, women's watches adorned with Swarovski crystals, striking neon watches and ultra-luxurious chronograph watches. 

                seiko watch guide - alba watches

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