G-Shock Watch Guide

Conceptualised in 1981 by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe after he accidentally dropped and broke a valuable pocket watch that was gifted to him by his father, G-Shock watches are built to withstand almost everything that life throws at you. 

Packed with a myriad of smart features including water, shock and drop resistance, G-Shock watches are the golden standard for people on the hunt for a durable and reliable watch. And its safe to say that when it comes to toughness, this Japanese watch giant definitely lives up to their name as their innovation and technology is practically unrivalled. 

A favourite among athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and those who favour ruggedness, G-Shock has a huge range of watches under their belt with everything from chronograph and digital display models to watches that are a combination of digital and analogue watches.

Read on for a comprehensive guide on all of G-Shocks watch lines or click below to jump to a section.

g shock watch guide

G-Shock Watch Guide Overview:

    G-Shock Mudmaster Watches

    With a digital compass, barometer, altimeter, thermometer and step-tracker, G-Shocks Mudmaster watches are the ultimate outdoor and fitness companion. Whether you're at the gym, on a hiking trail or at the beach, this G-Shock line will help you achieve your fitness goals while also helping you stay on track during your hike. The Mudmaster line was designed to withstand the toughest conditions, meaning you can wear your timepiece on the go with ease.

    g shock watch guide mudmaster

    G-Shock Gravitymaster Watches

    Famous for its unique avionic design, the analogue Gravitymaster line was developed to fill a need for pilots for tougher watches with improved accuracy, strength and functionality. Crafted from a shock-resistant structure that protects the watchs modules with a carbon-reinforced resin case, an intricately laminated bezel with 52 layers of carbon sheeting and a tough carbon fibre insert band, this G-Shock line was built with style and functionality in mind. 

    g shock watch guide gravitymaster

    G-Shock G-Squad Watches

    Supporting your active lifestyle by monitoring your fitness levels, this watch line is equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer that keeps track of your step count, a multi-timer that allows you to keep up to 20 alarms, a heart rate monitor which measures your heart rate zone and the number of calories, 200-metre water-resistance as well as a GPS function which allows you to map out your location. G-Shocks G-Squad watch line even has an app that allows you to connect your watch to your smartphone.

    g shock watch guide g squad

    G-Shock G-Steel Watches

    Combining a high-quality design with G-Shocks signature toughness, the G-Shock G-Steel watch line offers a premium look and functional design. Boasting a double-layer bezel construction of stainless steel and a sleekly moulded resin which is intended to cushion the lower part of the watch against impact from the upper part, this G-Shock line will bring a whole new level of toughness to your everyday style. Borrowing design elements from both classic chronograph watches and G-Shocks signature aesthetic, these timepieces are ideal for those who like to mix the classic with the contemporary.

    g shock watch guide g steel

    G-Shock G-Lide Watches

    Initially designed with surfers in mind, G-Shocks G-Lide line has a myriad of unique features that will support you while you're out catching some serious waves. Not only are these watches water-resistant in up to 200 meters of water, but they also have a function that helps provide information about the moon and the tide. Featuring a tough yet soft silicone band and a large digital/analogue face, this watch line will bring some serious 90s nostalgia to your street style.

    g shock watch guide g lide

    G-Shock Mr G Watches

    Arguably the most premium lines in the G-Shock range. Mr G watches offer a variety of luxurious features including a stainless steel or titanium case, a GPS hybrid wave receptor which allows you to adjust your watch to your exact location and environment using precise positioning data, dual dial world time which allows you to display two different time zones and even water resistance in up to 200 metres of water. Extremely versatile, this watch lines sleek design ensures that you'll have no trouble taking your timepiece from day to night.

    g shock watch guide mr g

    G-Shock MTG Watches

    An abbreviation of Metal Twisted G-Shock; the MTG line is another one of the more premium watches from the G-Shock range. All of the watches in this collection incorporate a new core guard structure consisting of an inner-case that is installed in a box-shaped frame and held together by screws that connect the bezel, case back and band connection pieces. This innovative design is excellent at absorbing major shocks, making this watch line ideal for every kind of style and lifestyle. This watch line also has a slew of top-notch features including 200-meter resistance, smartphone connectivity via the G-Shock app and Triple G Resist (TGR) which gives the watch the ability to withstand three types of shocks

    MTG G-Shock watch with steel bracelet and black dial on white background

    G-Shock Gulfmaster Watches

    Designed for men and women who are at one with the sea and the ocean, watches from G-Shocks Gulfmaster line have special storm sensors which can pick up any sudden changes in atmospheric pressure-meaning that you wont be left startled by any impending weather events when you next venture out to sea. This may also help you in your decision-making if you are ever in the path of any hazardous storm and need to make plans to avoid it. Other features that the Gulfmaster boasts include a tide graph, a moon graph display and double LED lights.

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