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Simple and Effective: the G-Shock Carbon Core Guard GA-2100-1A1DR

The Casio G-Shock Carbon Core Guard GA-2100-1A1DR men’s watch has exploded in popularity since it got released in 2019 and the reason for that is not because of the number of features it has.

In fact, it’s entirely the opposite.

It has the basic G-Shock analogue display, it doesn’t have a solar battery, advanced time settings, Bluetooth connectivity or GPS settings.

So why is it considered the hottest Casio release of 2019? Well, the answer lies in the finer details of the watch.

G-Shock Carbon Core Guard GA-2100-1A1DR Face

The Carbon Core Guard Case

The Casio G-Shock Carbon Core Guard GA-2100-1A1DR men’s watch is considered one of the best-looking G-Shock watches since the original square.

It is all about functionality and usually when a watch is designed with this purpose in mind, it ages well. There is no doubt the Carbon Core Guard will stand the test of time.

The case features an all-round matte finish with no polished or shiny surfaces insight and this gives the watch a stealth finish. The matte also ties in really well with the tough and sporty feel of the GA-2100-1A1DR.

The case features a new carbon core guard structure that protects the module inside by enclosing it in a composite carbon case. You can see it for yourself on the underside of the watch!

The face of the watch is mineral glass and although it is not as strong as sapphire glass, it is just as durable.

G-Shock Carbon Core Guard GA-2100-1A1DR Back

How Does the GA-2100-1A1DR Feel?

Some people identify large and chunky watches with the G-Shock name, but that is not the case for the carbon core guard.

As soon as you pick it up, you will notice how light it is and as it weighs in at only 51 grams, it is the slimmest G-Shock in the range!

With high-strength resin reinforced with carbon fibres, the watch feels great on the wrist. 

The weight distribution from the case to the strap is incredible, you may even forget that it's on your wrist.

With a lug to lug of 48.5mm, it may seem large but in reality, it is actually no bigger than the original G-Shock square watch.

The watch also features quick-release straps that allow you to change your straps by pushing a button.

G-Shock Carbon Core Guard GA-2100-1A1DR Bezel

The Functionality

When it comes to functionality, the Casio G-Shock Carbon Core Guard GA-2100-1A1DR men’s watch is as simple as it gets.

There is an analogue and digital display that is capable of showing the month, day, seconds and hours, plus a whole lot more!

Oh, and it also tells the time with an accuracy of + to – 15 seconds a month (which is standard for a quartz watch).

Its analogue-digital timekeeping comes packed into a no-nonsense, simple design that does not compromise on toughness.

The G-Shock Carbon Core also comes equipped with a double LED light that illuminates the face and the digital display for up to three seconds in the dark.

The world time setting allows you to choose from 31 different time zones and set up to five daily alarms.

With a full auto-calendar up to the year 2099, this watch is one that can be passed down to future generations.

It also has a stopwatch with various split and timing settings so if you are into your fitness, you won’t be left behind.

The battery life is expected to be up to three years, however, that is purely dependent on how often you use the functions and the light.

And like all good G-Shock watches, the GA-2100-1A1DR is also water-resistant up to 200m.

This means you can wear your G-Shock watch in all sorts of situations. From working with water in daily life and taking a shower to participating in water activities such as swimming, surfing, or jet skiing – it can handle it all.

To find out more about water resistance, check out our ‘understanding your water resistant watch’ blog.

G-Shock Carbon Core Guard GA-2100-1A1DR Functionality

If you are in the market for a new G-Shock watch but don’t want to break the bank, this watch is for you. Plus, you will have no problem selling it if you don’t like it because many retailers are sold out. Shop the Casio G-Shock Carbon Core Guard GA-2100-1A1DR today!

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