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8 Of The Best G-Shock Square Watches For Daily Wearing

When it comes to choosing the best G-Shock square watches for daily wearing, there are literally hundreds of G-Shock watches to choose from. Don't worry, we have narrowed it down for you!

Ever since the first G-Shock square watch was introduced in 1983, there have been various models and improvements released. When nothing but the toughest watches will do, it's hard to look past G-Shock. From personal trainers to chefs, army personnel, police officers, astronauts, and construction workers, these watches cater to a range of professions. 

G-Shock is, and always has been, in a league of its own. Join us as we explore 10 of the best G-Shock square watches for daily wearing. Read on to find out more or jump to a model using the links below. 

Best G-Shock Square Watches Overview:

1. Casio G-Shock GBX100-1D Smartphone Link Bluetooth 

A black watch is the perfect addition to any collection, right? When it comes to G-Shocks this classic black number is a standout choice. The GBX100-1D is one of the latest additions to the G-LIDE lineup of G-SHOCK sports watches. One of the top choice among the world's top surfers, this watch along with the rest of the G-LIDE range features a training function that displays distance, speed, pace, accelerometer values and calories burned.

The GBX100-1D model from Watch Depot's best g-shock square watches
Of course, it also features moon data so you can keep track of the tides and swell while you're in the water. Like all good G-Shocks, the case is made of resin along with the bezel and band. It is also shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 200 metres. Another great feature of this G-Shock Square is that you can control it from your smartphone with the G-Shock Connected app. When it comes to black watches, no collection is complete without one. 

2. Casio G-Shock GMWB5000RD-4D Red

This stunning red watch is sure to stand out on your wrist, no matter where you are. It is certainly a showstopper. The design of the full-metal square-face carries on the proud tradition of the original G-SHOCK DW5000C. Featuring a screw back with diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish for outstanding wear resistance it is sure to stand the test of time too. It's the kind of piece that can be passed down to future generations and still serve a great purpose. 

GMWB5000RD-4D from our best g-shock square watches for daily wearing

It also features a smartphone link so you can world time settings for approximately 300 cities, simple setting configurations, reminders, Phone Finder, 7-segment battery level indicator and much more. Another fantastic function in this watch is the multiband 6 function which allows for automatic time adjustment based on reception of one of six-time calibration signals around the globe: Japan (2), China, United States, England, Germany. It's hard to look past this red number if you're looking for a standout watch. It most definitely is one of the best G-Shock square watches for daily wearing. 

3. G-Shock GLX5600SLS-7D Surf Life Saving Australia

If white is more your thing, why not be tempted by a limited edition piece? And, if you're a surf life saver, this piece certainly makes sense! The G-Shock GLX5600SLS-7D Surf Life Saving Australia Limited Edition, featuring the thinnest, compact best fits in the entire G-Shock series is a sophisticated and stylish piece. This model is equipped with a digital tide graph, which is a must-have function for the everyday surfer. If you're into your fishing, this function is a great get also! 

GLX5600SLS-7D from our best g-shock square watches range

Featuring an electroluminescent backlight, world time, a countdown timer, an auto-calendar and moon data, this piece is perfect for those who are getting in and out of the water on a regular basis. With a simple and classy face and multiple features, in a standout colour scheme that honours Surf Life Saving Australia, be sure to check this white watch out below. 

4. G-Shock GMWB5000-1D Bluetooth Stainless Steel

No list is complete without a crafty silver watch, right? Well, no is your opportunity to get your hands on another limited edition piece. And it's not just any limited edition piece. This one is the 35th-anniversary edition so you know it's going to be packed with loads of awesome features. It comes complete with a smartphone link, multifunction LCD screen, World Time, five daily alarms, world time swapping settings and much more. 

GMWB5000-1D from our best g-shock square watches for daily wearing

The case and band of this watch also feature hairline finishes to maximize the elegance and presence of the metal so you can be sure that it is as stylish as it is functional and robust. G-Shocks are built to last and this one is no different. The thick screw back comes complete with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish that is highly wear-resistant. If you're in the market for a silver G-Shock Square, look no further than this piece of history. 

5. G-Shock DW5610SU-3DR Digital

When it comes to men's watches, it's always important to have a piece that is versatile enough to be worn in a number of different environments. Introducing the G-Shock DW5610SU-3DR Digital Men's Watch. With an innovative structure and attractive design variations, this watch offers utilitarian colours that go well with street fashions. 

DW5610SU-3DR from best g shock square watches collection

Featuring mineral glass, shock-resistant construction, 200 metres water resistance, flash alerts, stopwatch functions, hourly time signals, and a battery life of approximately two years, you'll find everything you need in this watch. With a full auto-calendar until the year 2039, this is another watch that can certainly be passed down to future generations. 

6. G-Shock Premium Full Metal GMWB5000GD-9D

If gold watches are more your thing, look no further than this dazzling watch. With a stunning gold design, it is sure to stand out wherever you go. This piece is the brother to the silver watch that also appeared on this list. The case and band features a hairline finish to maximize the elegance and presence of the metal. 

GMWB5000GD-9D from the best G-Shock square watches
In terms of functionality, this one offers all of the great features you have come to love in G-Shocks. With solar power, mineral glass, a screw lock back, a solid band, one-touch 3 fold clasp and 200 metres of water resistance, this watch is perfect for daily wearing. 

7. G-Shock Youth DW5600SKE-7 Digital

No list is complete without a youth watch. This G-Shock Youth DW5600SKE-7 Digital Silver Watch. Everything about this white-based model makes it the perfect choice as an attractive fashion item for kids. 

DW5600SKE-7 from best g-shock square watches

Built tough and built smart, this G-Shockdigital transparent watch was made to fit every kind of style and lifestyle. Whether it's a gift for your little one or an upgrade to your own collection, you simply can't go wrong with this watch. With a digital display that shows the date, day and time, water-resistant to 200 metres and Japanese Quartz movement, you won't be disappointed with this piece. 

8. G-Shock GM5600SG-9 Gold Tone

Can't decide on the colour of your new G-Shock square watch? Why not grab a watch that features two tones? The G-Shock GM5600SG-9 Gold Tone Digital Watch is the perfect option. Featuring an alarm, LED display, scratch-resistant display, a backlight, shock-resistance, 200 metres of water-resistance, day/date, timer and an annual calendar, this piece has everything you need in a G-Shock. 

GM5600SG-9 from our best g shock square watches for daily wear

Inheriting the design of the original G-Shock, this watch features a semi-transparent resin band. G-Shock's new gold digi-watch is something you cannot miss! If gold is your pick, check it out below. 

Now you know about eight of our best G-SHock square watches for daily wearing, be sure to check out our collection of men's watches and women's watches.

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