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Are Pulsar Watches Good?

The Pulsar name may be unfamiliar to you but don't worry, we are here to give you the answer to are Pulsar watches good?

A commodity in people’s timepiece collections since the early 1970s, Pulsar watches have made a name for themselves in the watch world amongst some of the most iconic watch brands including Casio, Skagen, Citizen and JAG

Built with precision, they are the epitome of style and class. But are Pulsar watches good quality? Read on to learn about the origins of this watch as well as how they fare among other brands out there. 

Are Pulsar Watches Good Overview:

The Pulsar Story

While Pulsar isn’t immediately the most recognisable watch brand out there, we guarantee you’ve heard of their parent company. Founded by Swiss watch manufacturing giant Hamilton Metals Wallace (HMW), Pulsar is responsible for the world’s first completely digital watch. A fact that will come as a surprise to many people given the brand primarily produces analogue watches today.

The watch was a huge success and resulted in many other watch brands producing their own LED and digital models, an act that would cause HMW to suffer financially resulting in the company selling the Pulsar name to Japanese watchmaker Seiko. Using new and innovative technology, Seiko continued to innovate with Pulsar by producing the world’s first all-quartz collection for both men and women. 

As time went by and styles began to evolve, Pulsar decided to expand into the luxury market and began constructing high-quality stainless steel watches with a traditional analogue dial. They also began experimenting with different metals, leather and even diamond accents for some of their sportier models. The brand even began crafting watches that included stop motion hand and circuit technology. 

Today, Pulsar continues to innovate, crafting stylish analogue watches that are timeless but also keep up with the current trends. The watch company also stays true to its origins by continuing to experiment with different designs and all the latest technology available to them. 

are pulsar watches good: the pulsar story

How Good Are Pulsar Watches?

With models to suit every kind of style and lifestyle, Pulsar watches are incredibly great quality with a lot of top-notch features. Whether you’re into the simplicity of a stainless-steel silver watch, the timeless of a gold watch or the sporty laid back feel of a leather band watch, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy in Pulsar’s range. Not only do they offer your basic analogue models, but they also offer chronograph watch models and sportier models.

But are Pulsar watches good quality? Well, when it comes to the battery life of a Pulsar watch, you’re likely going to have to change it every two to three years which is pretty standard for a watch on the market today. When it comes to Pulsar’s solar watches, however, you will likely have to change your model’s battery every four months or so.

are pulsar watches good: how good are they

Where Are Pulsar Watches Made?

Designed and manufactured by Seiko, a majority of Pulsar watches are crafted in Japan or Malaysia. Pulsar’s movements are also sourced from Japan. Japanese quartz movements are extremely reliable and rarely require any maintenance or servicing.

are pulsar watches good: where are they made

Are Pulsar Watches Waterproof?

While the level of water resistance generally differs between each model, a large portion of Pulsar’s watches is waterproof. Pulsar’s waterproof watches will generally feature a small label on the back that indicates the watch is water-resistant, they will also often feature a number that indicates the level of water resistance the model has. Generally, Pulsar models are resistant in up to 330 feet of water-making them excellent for swimming. 

When you do get your watch wet, you should always ensure that the crown on your watch is screwed down tightly to ensure that no water can get inside and affect your watch’s mechanics.

are pulsar watches good: are they waterproof

Our Favourite Pulsar Watches

Now that you know the answer to are Pulsar watches good? You can now check out some of the Pulsar watches on offer. Whether you’re looking for a piece for every day, for the office or special occasions, you’re bound to find something in Watch Depot’s extensive Pulsar range. 

Now that you've learnt the answer to 'are Pulsar watches good?' You can now learn how the quality of some other famous watch brands fair and explore some of our favourite watches from 2022 above! We have a large range of sale watches for everyone! 

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