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Tommy Hilfiger Watches

Tommy Hilfiger Watches
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Tommy Hilfiger Watches

Tommy Hilfiger watches combine a classic American contemporary design with a touch of preppy flair. Designed to be intuitive and inclusive, these timepieces effortlessly balance both functionality and sophistication.

The first original Tommy Hilfiger watches were introduced in India in 2004 together with renowned watchmaker Movado, which also makes watches for a few other high-fashion brands. Today, each piece in their collection features stunning details and a fashion-forward edge that has become synonymous with the brand.

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What makes Tommy Hilfiger unique?

With its rich history and establishment in the watch industry, Tommy Hilfiger is without a doubt a brand unlike any other. Here are some reasons why the exclusive brand remains quite as popular and unique in this day and age:

Impressive build quality

Tommy Hilfiger, in contrast to other named watch brands, is a fashion company that collaborates with Movado, their manufacturer, to create its timepieces. 

However, Tommy Hilfiger watches are still made from only premium and high-quality materials, as they feature crystal screens and metal cases. They also feature reliable quartz, automatic, and mechanical movements equivalent to those from the big brands. 

Styles and features galore

Tommy Hilfiger is known for its iconic colours of blue, white, and red and is generally considered a preppy brand. However, they still offer an inclusive range of timepieces that feature designs that speak to everyone. 

From a more vintage and classy Tommy Hilfiger men’s watch with a leather strap to the effortlessly chic Tommy Hilfiger watch women’s collection that features oversized metal cases, there’s certainly a piece that will suit your taste. 

Tommy Hilfiger watches also offer a range of features that help you in your everyday life, such as a 24-hour time function and water resistance. All in all, you can have a functional and beautiful watch.

Luxury that doesn’t break the bank

Despite being classified as a luxury product, you get great value for money as most Tommy Hilfiger watches are reasonably priced. This makes them perfect as a gift for a special someone or if you’d like to elevate your look with an iconic timepiece.

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How to choose the best Tommy Hilfiger watch?

Shopping for the perfect Tommy Hilfiger watches is just like shopping for any other piece of clothing. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all solution. However, we can offer some tips to help make the decision just a bit easier:

Choose a watch that fits your style

Take a look at your closet before you start your watch shopping spree, and note the various style elements or colours you frequently wear. When it comes to being fashionable, it’s best to think like for like and match these to make a good impression.

If your wardrobe consists of certain colours, like blue or black, it’s best to find a timepiece with the same hue. Those with a more varied wardrobe can choose stainless steel or gold since they provide a more neutral look.

Comfortability is key

Be sure you’re comfortable with the type of watch you choose since you’ll be using your watch to read the time. Our Tommy Hilfiger watches collection offers many different watch faces, so consider whether you prefer a simple watch design or a multi-function watch with a lot of bells and whistles.

Pick the right size

When it comes to finding the perfect watch, it shouldn’t look too bulky or tiny on the wrist. There are specific indications of whether a watch is meant for ladies or men, and these will affect the size of the watch, so consider those as well. 

Be sure to take note of the measurements when purchasing our collection of Tommy Hilfiger watches and consult an online sizing guide to find the right fit for you. 

How do you set a Tommy Hilfiger watch?

To set any of our Tommy Hilfiger watches, you simply need to pull out the knob on the side (which is also called the crown) and turn it to match the current time. There may also be two additional buttons, depending on your watches’ model, which controls the date and chronograph functionality.

For the best results, do consider checking out your manual and reading it thoroughly. There might be specific instructions on how to set your model. In addition, you should follow the care instructions to prolong the life of your watch.

If you encounter any hiccups, you can always reach out to our customer service representatives and consult the various guides available on our website as well. If you’re looking for something a bit different, we also house other great brands, from G-Shock watches to Fossil watches.

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