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Solar Watches

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Solar Watches

Solar power is becoming increasingly more popular and relevant in our society as we gradually convert to renewable energy sources. Many  household appliances are making the change, so why not watches too? Introducing solar watches.

As light hits the solar cell, which is normally placed right beneath the surface of the watch dial, an electric current is induced. This electrical energy is then transferred to a battery, where it is stored and then slowly released to power the watch.

Not only do solar watches have a long power-reserve, but they also have an extended battery life compared to regular quartz watches. In a solar watch, you can expect a battery life of upwards of 7 years.

Many brands are producing solar watches now, from chronograph watches to smart watches. Even the classic G-Shock watches are making environmentally friendly alternatives to keep up with the growing demand. Whatever watch you are after, there is going to be a sustainable version, making it easier than ever to make earth conscious decisions. 

 Seiko is paving the way in the sustainability sector with a range of solar Seiko watches, Seiko Coutura watches and Seiko Prospex watches that come in solar and kinetic options.

For another environmentally friendly option besides solar, see our range of automatic watches that use kinetic energy from your wrist movement to power the battery.

Not only are solar watches great for the environment but they still attain the same reliable timekeeping. On Watch Depot, there is a large variety of choices in terms of colour, material, brand and style, so you are sure to find something to suit your needs and match your personal style. 

It’s easier than ever to make environmentally-friendly choices without losing quality or style. 

Are solar-powered watches any good?

Solar powered watches are extremely stylish, reliable and versatile. They are a fantastic sustainable alternative with amazing quality and battery life.

How long will a solar watch last?

A solar watch will last longer than a traditional quartz powered watch. They are known to last upwards of 7 years.

Which solar watch is the best?

See our range of Seiko solar watches, that embody everyday class and fashion with reliable timekeeping in a variety of colours, materials and styles.

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