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Calvin Klein Watches For Men

Calvin Klein Watches For Men
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Calvin Klein Watches For Men

A watch is a piece that becomes apart of your everyday look. It adds style and class to your outfit, but also has reliable timekeeping to get you through the day. To complete your everyday look, it is essential to find the perfect watch that both matches your aesthetic and is functional for what you need most. What better choice than classic Calvin Klein watches for men from Watch Depot?

Calvin Klein is an American brand known for their minimalistic, sleek aesthetic that combines luxury and simplicity to create pieces that are extremely versatile. They are made to serve as a subtle accessory, rather than an ensemble centrepiece. The brand’s signature is modern design in an energetic, sexy and casual manner as seen in our Calvin Klein watches for women.

A Ck watch is crafted in Switzerland by world renowned watchmakers, the Swatch Group, ensuring quality and reliability in every piece with impeccable quartz movements and innovative technology. 

Our large range of Calvin Klein watches, men’s watches and watches offer different styles, colours and materials to suit every lifestyle. Looking for a gift to mark an important milestone, such as a birthday, graduation or a promotion? A timepiece is an excellent choice, and with Watch Depot's biggest range at unbeatable prices, you are sure to find the perfect watch for your needs. 

Make a statement with our classic silver watches, great for both formal and informal wear or, go bold, with our gold watches for men that have a timeless quality and an instant connection to luxury. 

Mixing metals across jewellery and watches is perfect for trend-setters and fashion enthusiasts. However, for those who prefer consistency but like to switch up their daily bling, you can not go wrong with our men’s black watches that go with anything and everything. 

For the perfect balance of modern style, reliability, versatility and quality, a Calvin Klein watch can not be missed. 

What is the price of CK Watch?

A great benefit of a Calvin Klein watch is that you get the advantages of a luxury brand without the hefty price tag. 

If you’re looking to buy watches online or in store in Australia, Shiels is the best place to start. With frequent sales and various discounts, you can discover new styles and functionality with a timepiece that suits you today!

Are CK watches Swiss made?

Calvin Klein Watches are manufacturer by the Swatch Group, meaning that every CK Watch features a genuine high quality swiss movement, and often proudly bear the emblem “Swiss made”.

Is Calvin Klein a watch brand?

Calvin Klein is a fashion brand that produces a number of clothing and accessory items. In 1997, Calvin Klein expanded into the world of watches, collaborating with one of the world's biggest watch manufacturers.

Are Calvin Klein watches automatic?

At the heart of a Calvin Klein watch is a Swiss made quartz movement that's both accurate and reliable.

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