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Introducing The Timex x Stranger Things Collection

The hit Netflix series Stranger Things has become something akin to a cult classic. The science-fiction horror drama is set in the 1980s and has since gone on to receive record viewership on the viewing platform. To celebrate the fourth and so far latest season of the Stranger Things series to be released on Netflix, Timex has released three distinct watches that feature identifiable elements from the show. This partnership works organically as there are a number of Timex watches that show up throughout the series.

stranger things timex collection of three watches

Each model features some kind of graphical upgrade, again tying in well with the Stranger Things series. The combination of horological nostalgia, distinctive Stranger Things-inspired design hues and elements of the series that appear when you least expect make the three new Timex models as desirable as they are fun for fans of the hit Netflix series.

The three models released one analogue piece and two digital watches. The digital watches both feature a customised alarm with the excitingly sinister Stranger Things melody. The analogue model, named the Timex Camper, sports upside down stylised typography, inspired by the alternative world of horrors named the Upside Down. It also features an ominous Indglo blacklight along with a terrifying hidden image.

stranger things timex analogue model

The two digital models, the Timex T80 and the Timex Atlantis, as mentioned both feature a customised Stranger Things melody alarm. The Timex T80 has a distinct red backdrop with a depiction of the cast cycling through the unnerving world of the Upside Down, while the Atlantis features a far more practical and sporty look, much like the Atlantis worn by Sheriff Hopper in previous seasons. 

Both the Timex T80 and the Timex Atlantis have a secret image that you can see when you activate the backlight, with the Altantis’ hidden image well and truly giving me goosebumps. 

stranger things timex analogue collection

These pieces are all in good fun and bring to life the world of Stranger Things. I love the subtle yet obvious additions, in particular the upside down hour numerals of the Timex Camper and the image on the Timex Atlantis when the backlight is switched on. These new Timex watches are true to form, with each model seriously carrying that 1980s vibe, all the while being pizzazed up with inspired design cues and visual additions from the Stranger Things series.

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