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SEIKO Prospex: Save The Ocean Collection

Seiko watches are known for their attention to detail and nuance-oriented craftsmanship that delivers a stylish and sophisticated timepiece that not only helps to elevate your look but also helps support your active lifestyle. Some of the most popular watches in Seiko's collection are their diving watches. The Japanese watch brand takes pride in its quality, design, and perfect functioning of these watches, especially when exposed to turbulent underwater conditions. With their eye-catching signature style, a Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean watch on your wrist won’t be missed.

Back in 2019, Seiko launched the ‘Save the Ocean’ collection as part of their Prospex line. Built with a lot of precision, this collection has all the innovative features and stylish features that you’d come to expect with a Seiko watch as well as some of their other brands, Pulsar, Alba, and Lorus watches. However, these watches are extra special because they’re all in the name of a great cause.

Read on to learn all about the Seiko Prospex ‘Save the Ocean’ Collection and to shop some of the models: 


Seiko Save The Ocean Collection

Seiko Prospex watches have not only become a commodity among the athletic community and those who enjoy catching a few waves but with all lovers of the sea and its depths. From the first diver's watch released in 1965, Seiko has been exceeding expectations for divers with its innovative technology. A timepiece that guides you through the challenges in the deep blue.

Seiko owes a lot of the success of their Prospex watches to the ocean, which is why they launched an initiative called ‘Save The Ocean’ to give something back. In partnership with the renowned underwater explorer and conservationist Fabien Cousteau - the man who sports a Seiko watch for every dive he takes. The program aims to raise funds and increase awareness about marine and ocean conservation as well as what more we could be doing to help our seas thrive. In honour of the ‘Save the Ocean’ initiative, Seiko launched a beautiful series of diving watches which put a new spin on some of the classics.

Seiko save the ocean collectionImage credit: Chris Pavlich

The Great White Shark

In early 2019, Seiko launched their very first Save the Ocean watch, the Great White Shark. Paying tribute to the ocean’s greatest predator, this timepiece’s strong and robust nature is very reminiscent of the king of the food chain who has roamed our oceans for some 450 million years.

Boasting style and functionality, this timepiece combines a classic and contemporary watch design with its sleek stainless steel body and mesmerising rich blue face. While it may be a divers watch, rest assured that this watch is just as at home in the office or the boardroom as it is at the beach.

seiko save the ocean great white shark edition

Seiko Great White Shark Prospex Features

The divers watch retains its classic features: a solid steel bracelet, a gorgeous diver’s bezel with blue and black aluminium which attaches the Hardlex crystal to the watch, and the 4 o’clock crown to set the date and time. The stunning new take on this Seiko comes from the boldest part of the watch: the dial. A metallic, shimmery blue with an embossed imprint of tidal waves making its ties to the water clear as day and its appearance cool and artistic.

The styling and message tie up beautifully, with a fresh look that pays tribute to its cause. The shark part of the piece comes in with a sole shark fin, hard-to-spot initially but captivating the second you see it (hint: right at the 8 o’clock mark). Bearing perfect resemblance despite the minuscule size, this watch has detail so subtle that it is difficult not to love its intricacies.

The King Turtle

In late 2020, Seiko would introduce the second addition to their Save the Ocean collection when they would release The King Turtle. Much like this collection’s first line, the Great White Shark, the King Turtle is also a men’s diver’s watch.

The King Turtle has a look and feels that is very similar to its predecessor, except for a few updated design choices. The bezel has been completely redesigned for this watch model and features slightly more pronounced grooves, the hardlex glass has also been replaced with a luxurious sapphire crystal with magnifying capabilities.

Seiko King Turtle Prospex Features

Like the Great White Shark, the newest addition to Seiko’s Save the Ocean line is packed with a myriad of great features. With its hardwearing chrome-coloured stainless steel case and comfortable yet durable silicone band, this timepiece is ideal for those living an active lifestyle.

Regardless of whether you stay fit by exploring the mystifying depths of the ocean on a scuba dive, by catching some waves in the surf, by getting the blood flowing on a scenic bike ride, or by exploring the wondrous beauty of nature on a treacherous hike.

Despite having a more modest dial compared to some of the previous models in this collection, this timepiece certainly makes up for that with its eye-catching face. Decorated in a brilliant blue hue and a design motif featuring several large stingrays which appear to be floating through the sea’s current, these elements are very reminiscent of the deepest depths of the ocean. 

Design Inspiration

You don’t have to think very hard to figure out where the design inspiration from these men's watches came from. Every one of the watch models in Seiko’s Save the Ocean line features a rich blue hue and intricate pattern on its face which is akin to the hypnotic waves of the sea.

Another inspiration for Seiko when creating this line was the blue whale. One of the largest marine mammals to ever roam the ocean, blue whales are somewhat of an enigma. A symbol of compassion, solitude, and wisdom, blue whales are rarely spotted in the wild having almost been wiped out by extinction. This makes them one of nature’s greatest wonders and a prime example of why it's important to promote the efforts of marine conservation. 

design inspirations of the seiko save the ocean collection

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