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Diving Deep With Seiko’s Automatic Dive Watch

Seiko’s done it again with yet another incredible diver’s watch, and this time, it’s automatic. As if the previous seiko watches weren’t already magnetic or innovative enough! With this new automatic dive watch, Seiko has pushed the boundaries to design a functional, all-in-one, sleek grey watch! Want to learn more about these awesome diving watches? Keep reading.

5 Features That Set This Automatic Dive Watch Above the Rest

Dive watches are admittedly some of the trickiest to get right, but it’s achieved effortlessly by Seiko. Seiko’s brand new automatic dive watch is a watch that balances functionality and style beautifully.

Following on from the Seiko Prospex watches ‘Save The Ocean’ range and campaign, this automatic dive watch is also inspired by the ocean. With a case resembling the silhouette of a turtle, the watch has earned itself the nickname ‘the turtle’.

As both a professional diver’s watch and an everyday accessory, the automatic Seiko watch (SRPD50K) has 5 awesome features that puts it above the rest.

unboxing the amazing Seiko automatic dive watch

1.  It’s expertly designed

Seiko’s latest automatic dive watch screams one word: solid. Because it’s designed to function on deep dives and withstand harsh conditions, it will pass any test you put it through with flying colours. Not to mention, it’s one of the most stylish men's watches out there - so you’ll look dashing whenever you wear it.

Seiko are known for their attention to detail, and it’s clearly evident with this automatic dive watch. With a dark grey coating and a yellow gold crown, bezel, and dial, this watch offers a pleasing mix of modern style and luxury. The stainless steel case also means this watch was built to last.

Another unique feature of this watch is that the crown is offset. This ensures that the crown does not accidentally pop open during a dive. The bezel on the watch is also unidirectional and offers a sleek contrast to the rest of the grey-coated watch.

2.  It’s adjustable

Engineered for divers, this automatic dive watch has two different straps: a stainless steel band perfect for every day, and a silicone one designed for underwater adventures.

For those using this limited edition watch for diving, the silicone strap is the perfect choice. It has a double locking, fold-over push-button clasp that ensures your watch stays in place no matter what you do. Both of the straps are also adjustable, so you can wear the watch comfortably over or under your wetsuit or clothes. No matter how you wear it, that watch is coming ashore unscathed.

The Seiko automatic dive watch up close and personal

3.  It’s durable

With its robust style and 200-metre water resistance, this watch offers a whole new level of functionality and durability - in fact, it’s almost bulletproof.

When it comes to the watch face, Hardlex mineral crystals offer protection under even the harshest conditions - enabling the watch to weather temperatures and environmental changes during a dive.

The case back, of course, is done the Seiko way with a screw-down application and a solid etching.

Should something go awry, Seiko’s got your back! They offer a 2 year warranty period, which covers any damage to the internal features of the watch. Making this watch all the more attractive purchase and wiser investment.

4.  It glows in the dark

One of the coolest features of this automatic dive watch also seems to be one of the most practical ones, and that’s the inclusion of luminous detailing.

The hands and the markers of the Seiko watch are treated with Lumibrite - a fluorescent luminous paint that absorbs the light and then glows in the dark. This ensures you get impeccable visibility even in low-light, scuba diving conditions.

The luminosity is extended to the bezel too, which sports a luminous double marker at 12:00! Because of these details, you’re able to quickly glance at your wrist and know the time within seconds. This means you don’t have to struggle and squint during night-dives or in dimly lit areas. Not to mention, the watch features a power reserve, so it will stay illuminated for hours.

The Seiko automatic dive watch and its glow in the dark feature

5.  It’s functional

In addition to all of the wonderful features above, this Seiko watch is incredibly functional. As well as being automatic, this watch has a self-winding feature which enables the wearer to hand-wind it if needed.

The watch also has a clear day/date display, and there is a stop-watch function.

the stylish Seiko automatic dive watch

In comparison to other dive watches, this Australian-only limited edition watch offers a great value for money at $995!

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