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7 Reasons To Own A CasiOak G-Shock Watch

With its timeless design and vibrantly coloured exterior, the G-Shock GA-2100, otherwise known as the 'CasiOak' is one of the latest collections from the Japanese brand that is taking the watch world and the internet by storm. 

While officially referred to as the Casio G-Shock GA-2100 Octagon Series, eager watch fans have taken it upon themselves to nickname it the CasioOak due to its resemblance to the Audemars Piguet ‘Royal Oak’ watch. But unlike the AP that comes with a somewhat eye-watering price tag, the CasiOak certainly won’t break the bank. 

Representative of the shift from traditional analogue watches to the high-tech digital display G-Shock watches that have become synonymous with the brand, these timepieces may not be as rugged as the typical G-Shock, but they are certainly just as tough and hardwearing. 

With a myriad of sophisticated features including water resistance and world time as well as a wallet-friendly price tag, G-Shock CasiOak watches are certainly nothing to turn your nose up at. But if you still need more convincing, here are 7 reasons to own a CasiOak G-Shock watch

7 Reasons To Own A CasiOak G-Shock Watch

7 Reasons to Own a ‘CasiOak’ G-Shock Watch:

There’s One For Every Style 

With so many different eclectic designs to choose from, there is certainly something for everyone in the G-Shock CasiOak range. With everything from daring black watches, minimalist white watches to fiery red watches and sporty blue G-Shock watches, you could get a CasiOak for every day of the week. Whether you are after something bright and bold to stand out amongst your very neutral outfit, or something a little more subtle, you are bound to find the perfect piece for you in this collection. Choose your favourite colour or stand out from the crowd by opting for something a little more daring and out of your comfort zone. 

7 Reasons to Own a ‘CasiOak’ G-Shock Watch: one for every style

They Are Affordable 

With these watches, their price point is such a huge drawcard. Unlike the G-Shock Mudmaster watches and Master of G lines that tend to start at around $400-$450 and can sometimes seep into the thousands, you can nab yourself a G-Shock GA-2100 for as little as $200. This is quite a steal given all the top-notch features, its endearing toughness and of course, that signature Japanese craftsmanship that you've come to expect with the cult brand. A watch this budget-friendly would also make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one with a penchant for contemporary Japanese watches. 

7 Reasons to Own a ‘CasiOak’ G-Shock Watch: affordability

Thinnest G-Shock On The Market

Exuding toughness in both their design and functions, G-Shock watches have become synonymous for their rugged, hardwearing and to some, bulky exterior. While this style has gained momentum with keen watch lovers all over the globe, it can be a bit of a turn off for some. While still embodying all the features you expect to receive with a G-Shock and a slightly more understated yet hard-wearing resin case, the CasioOak enables you to receive the best of both worlds. Their case is so thin that you would be forgiven for mistaking these G-Shocks for just another Casio watch

7 Reasons to Own a ‘CasiOak’ G-Shock Watch: size

They Are Durable 

With an all-new G-Shock carbon core guard structure and the brand’s signature shock resistance, the CasiOak sets a whole new standard for timekeeping toughness. Complete with a hardwearing carbon bezel and resin band, as well as a mineral glass face, these watches are perfect for those who partake in a particularly active lifestyle or engage in a lot of heavy-duty work. Meaning you can wear your watch at ease and without the worry of it becoming cracked, scratched, or even broken. And with a 200-metre water-resistance level as well as a wristband that is easy to clean, the G-Shock GA-2100 is potentially a great fishing companion. 

7 Reasons To Own A CasiOak G-Shock Watch: durability

They Are Versatile

The perfect men's G-Shock watch is not only one with a lot of great top-notch functions, it is one that also has a great deal of versatility. And with a no-nonsense design that would pair seamlessly with just about anything you style it with, the G-Shock GA-2100 certainly ticks all the boxes. Boasting both an analogue and digital dial, the CasiOak combines the classic and contemporary while also providing the wearer with choice. 

7 Reasons to Own a CasiOak G-Shock Watch: versatility

They Pay Homage To An Iconic Watch 

Another drawcard for this collection of G-Shocks is that it unofficially pays tribute to another iconic collection of watches. Released in the early 1970s, the Audemars Piguet ‘Royal Oak’ set a new standard for luxury watches with its timeless stainless-steel case, octagon bezel as well as its ‘Tapisserie’ dial and integrated bracelet. The Royal Oak’s timeless design and iconography are indisputable, so it's not hard to see why it has likely influenced many other watch designs, including the G-Shock GA-2100. In fact, eagle-eyed watch fans will notice that the G-Shock's CasiOak bares the same octagon-shaped bezel and simplistic, no fuss band as the Royal Oak. Hence why watch fanatics all over the globe have even gone so far as to nickname it the G-Shock ‘CasiOak’. Fortunately, the GA-2100 doesn’t come with the same eye-watering price tag as the Audemars Piguet watch.

7 Reasons to Own a CasiOak G-Shock Watch: homage to another watch  

They Are Unisex

As one of the very few unisex watches in G-Shock’s collection, G-Shock's CasiOak watches are made for everyone and anyone to enjoy. Complimenting all genders, backgrounds and styles, G-Shock’s diverse CasiOak range has a timepiece to suit just about anyone. This means when you pick up your own G-Shock GA-2100, you can also take the chance to pick one up for anyone in your inner circle from your mum and your sister to your uncle or even your grandfather. Naturally, that means these watches would make for the perfect stocking stuffer or birthday surprise for your loved ones. 

7 Reasons to Own a ‘CasiOak’ G-Shock Watch: unisex

So, there you have it, seven reasons to own a CasiOak G-Shock watch. If we’ve converted you into a G-Shock and Casio fanatic, be sure to check out the full G-Shock CasiOak watch range online today at Watch Depot. 

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