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Presenting The New G-Shock CasiOak Solar Range

The G-Shock reference GA-B2100 was thrust into infamy, namely due to the use of the iconic octagonal bezel that bears a somewhat fleeting resemblance to something akin to a legend. Thus the famous CasiOak namesake was born, giving the opportunity to the masses to get their hands on another octagonally-shaped watch, albeit at a much more affordable price point. 

And here we have in 2022, revelling in the CasiOak’s latest variation. These references herald in a new era for G-Shock CasiOak watches, with upgrades like solar-powered capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity and an array of fresh, funky colours to choose from.

Check out our unboxing and review below. 

Let’s start with CasiOak’s solar upgrades. This addition means it can be charged under any sort of light, be it natural from the sun or under an artificial light. On a full charge, G-Shock claims that the new CasiOak will be able to run for about 7 months without any further exposure to light, or up to 18 months if it’s stored away with its power-saving mode enabled. I doubt you’ll be storing your watch for that long, but it’s nice to know that when the time comes that your G-Shock watch will be primed and ready to go.

Next up is the addition of Bluetooth connectivity. Accessible through the Casio smartphone app, the CasiOak’s Bluetooth feature provides automatic time adjustment to ensure the most accurate of timekeeping through the day, simple watch setting (no more fiddling with the buttons on the side of your watch), an incredible 300 world time cities to access, a time and place memory function, a reminder function and perhaps most useful of all, a phone finder function! 

presenting the new g-shock casioak solar range: photo of all the watches

The key point of difference at the very least from the perspective of aesthetics between the new CasiOak Solar models and the original CasiOak is that instead of a day indicator, the sub-dial displays the function modes and battery level. But don’t fret, you can still view the day of the week on the LCD display. The other key difference is also the addition of the “Tough Solar” and “Bluetooth” script just above the LCD display.

G-Shock has released five models inspired by the colours of the original CasiOak, which includes black and grey GA-B2100-1A, black and black GA-B2100-1A1, blue GA-B2100-2A, green GA-B2100-3A, and yellow GA-B2100C-9A. The new reference measures 48.50mm by 45.40mm and has a thickness of only 11.90mm. This is a super slim, super smart, super durable watch that will easily stand the test of time, all the while looking absolutely awesome. 

The GA-B2100-1A1 is a unique-looking model, with tell-tale signs of G-Shock nostalgia throughout. From the red sub-dial hand to the pop of the yellow and blue scripting, the GA-B2100-1A draws lots of points of differentiation from its all-black GA-B2100-1A1 brother, which in its own right is the quintessential CasiOak.

For lovers of colour but who still want to have a somewhat reserved timepiece, the blue GA-B2100-2A and green GA-B2100-3A references are right up your alley. Their flat, monochromatic colour palette is simple and easy to look at. And best of all you can virtually wear them with anything.

g-shock casioak solar: photo of the blue, green and black models

But for those of you wanting to add some colour to your CasiOak, then the GA-B2100C-9A reference definitely takes the cake. The yellow of the case, bezel and strap is loud and bold, a far cry from the subtle look and feel of the CasiOak. Like the GA-B2100-1A1 reference, the GA-B2100C-9A features some colourful accents on the dial, too.

g-shock casioak solar: yellow model photo

The G-Shock CasiOak has continued its evolution into a true namesake watch. Fundamentally and at its core, the CasiOak has all of the attributes of a solid all-rounder. It’s got more than enough tech to appease, it’s got incredible functionality, its durability is second to none and there is nothing else out there that blends the world’s of iconicity with accessibility like it. The CasiOak lends its hand to many years of innovation from G-Shock, backed by the ingenuity of Casio and supported by an ever-growing community of watch enthusiasts and collectors who are as budget-conscious as they are tech-savvy. As appealing as it is accessible, the G-Shock CasiOak is a bona fide legend that just got a whole lot better.

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