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How To Change The Time On A Tommy Hilfiger Watch

There may come a time when you have to change the time on your watch, whether it's because of changes to daylight savings or because you’re travelling to a region with a completely different time zone. Unfortunately, with so many different watch brands and models out there, they do not make it easy.

Learning how to change the time on a Tommy Hilfiger watch can be especially difficult, particularly if you’ve misplaced your manual, don’t understand how it is set out, or simply can’t be bothered to read it. 

Thankfully, Watch Depot has got your back with a thorough guide on how to change the time on a Tommy Hilfiger watch. Check out the video below or read on to find out all you need to know. 


Understanding The Functions Of A Tommy Hilfiger Watch 

Before you even attempt to change the time on your timepiece, it’s a good idea to gain a pretty decent understanding of all the functions of a Tommy Hilfiger watch-particularly the brand’s chronograph watch models. 

A majority of Tommy Hilfiger’s analogue chronograph or multi-eye watches are decked out with three miniature dials in the centre of the main dial. These small dials which are often referred to as the watch’s eyes report on information such as the month, weekday and date.

These models also feature centre-mounted hour, minute and second hands, small day and date indicators as well as a 24-hour hand. Tommy Hilfiger watches are also equipped with the Japanese Quartz movement which is one of the finest watch movements in the world. 

how to change the time on a tommy Hilfiger watch functions

How To Change The Time On A Tommy Hilfiger Watch: A Step By Step Guide 

Once you have gained a proper understanding of all the functions on your Chronograph and how they work, you can then attempt to change the time which can be done in five easy steps. 

Step 1: Start by pulling out the crown (which is the middle knob featuring the Hilfiger logo) until you hear a click. This will cause your watch’s movement to stop. 

Step 2: From there, gently turn your watch’s crown in the direction you want your hour and minute hands to go. As you are doing this, the small 24-hour dial should move in sync with the larger dial. 

Step 3: Once your watch’s hour and minute hands are at the desired time, you will have to adjust the small date and day dials. 

Step 4: To set these two dials, you will need to press the two buttons above and below the watch’s dial until you reach your desired day and date. 

Step 5: Once you have done this, push the crown back in until it clicks and your watch’s movement should automatically begin ticking again. 

When changing the time on your Tommy Hilfiger Chronograph watch, ensure that you do not attempt to adjust the time between 9:00 AM and 4:00 AM or when automatic calendar changes are in progress as this can cause the day or date dials to not set properly the next day. 

how to change the time on a tommy hilfiger watch steps

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