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How To Change The Time On A Pocket Watch

Figuring out how to change the time on a pocket watch, or any watches really, is no easy feat. Especially if you’ve somehow misplaced the manual or simply can’t be bothered to read it. 

However, have no fear as Watch Depot has got your back with a compressive step by step guide on how to change the time on a pocket watch.


Familiarise Yourself

Before you even think about learning how to change the time on a pocket watch, you should first familiarise yourself with your timepiece and all of its functions. A majority of the pocket watches on the market today will feature a classic look that is reminiscent of pocket watches from the early 1900s, however, they will often have some of the more contemporary features and functions we have become accustomed to when it comes to watches today.

Many pocket watches, such as the models in British watch manufacturer Sekonda’s collection, will be crafted from a hardwearing and contemporary stainless steel case and a cover to protect the glass. A lot of pocket fobs will also be adorned with a chain, allowing your watch to hang effortlessly from your pocket or pants loop.

These watches will often feature a timeless analogue dial with simple numerical or roman numeral digits. A majority of antique and modern pocket watches are fitted with stem-wide, stem-set movements. Stem-wide, stem-set movements eliminate the need for watch keys that were required for earlier pocket watches.

how to change the time on a pocket watch buttons

How To Change The Time On A Pocket Watch

Changing the time on your pocket watch is super easy and can be done with five simple steps.

Step 1

Start off by pressing down the crown on the top, which should open up the watch’s cover.

Step 2

Next, pull out the crown until you hear it click. This will cause your watch’s movement to stop completely.

Step 3

Using that same crown, slowly turn it until your hour and minute hands reach your preferred time.

Step 4

Once the watch’s hands are in position, you’ll need to push your crown back in. You will know that it is in the correct position when you hear a click.

Step 5

When your crown is back in its original position, your watch's movement should start ticking again.

how to change the time on a pocket watch steps

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