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How To Change Time On Baby-G Watches

How to change time on Baby-G watches is very simple and straightforward. If you're stuck, this guide will teach you all you need to know. 

Baby-G watches offer the same durable design as the popular G-Shock men's line. They are stylish in appearance, youthful and also feature rugged constructions just as G-Shock watches do.

If you've just purchased a new Baby-G and need some help setting the time on your new women's watch, we have you covered. Maybe the clocks have changed and you need to shift the time? Check out the video below to find out all you need to know or read on for a comprehensive guide.

How To Change Time On Baby-G Watch Overview:

Baby-G Buttons And Functions

The first thing before you can change the time on your Baby-G is to understand the buttons and their functions. At the top left, we have the Adjust button which lets you into the configuration mode to change the settings. Below the Adjust button on the left is the Mode button. This allows you to cycle through the different settings with just a push. 

how to change time on baby g watches using the left buttons

On the right-hand side of a Baby-G watch, you have the Light button and the Search button. These buttons simply change the values of the settings you have selected. Make sure you familiarise yourself with these buttons before you attempt the next steps. 

how to change time on baby-g watches using the right buttons

Change Time On Baby-G: Step By Step Guide

The first thing to do is to hold the watch in one hand so that the screen is facing you. Note the position of the four control buttons. There are two buttons located on each side of the watch face. 

To change the time you simply hold down the Adjust button and then press the Mode button to cycle through the hours setting. Then using the Light and Search buttons, you can easily change the time accordingly.

Once you have set the time, hit the adjust button again to exit the configuration mode. Watch the hour and minute hands wind back to the correct time and that's it! You're ready to go. 

how to change time on baby g watch: step by step guide

Our Favourite Baby-G Watches

Now you know how to change the time on your Baby-G watch, be sure to check out our collection. These watches are some of the most popular women's timepieces on the market. And for good reason too! Check out our top picks below: 

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