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A Look At The Hilltop Hoods x G-Shock Collaboration

G-Shock has teamed up with Australian Hip Hop legends, Hilltop Hoods, to bring us this brand new limited edition watch. Dressed up in a sleek black and purple mix, this timepiece doesn’t have an appearance too dissimilar to the dark nights you’d see MCs Pressure and Suffa on stage belting out classics. 

Along with producer Barry Francis, the Hilltop Hoods have reached the forefront of Australian Hip Hop, and are without a doubt, the genre’s greatest pioneers. They make the perfect fit then, for a watch designer who’s teamed up with the likes of A$AP Ferg and Kid Cudi in recent years. G-Shock watches have always been an iconic part of street culture, so we’re pleased to give you a look at the new Hilltop Hoods G-Shock Watch


Hilltop Hoods G-Shock Watch Inspiration

The Hilltop Hoods grew up in Adelaide as school friends, finding a shared passion for music and eventually forming the group we know and love today. Pressure and Suffa were a found success in the underground Aussie Hip Hop scene, before releasing The Calling in 2003. With hits like The Nosebleed Section and Dumb Enough, the album would reach Platinum status, the first of over 60 accreditations in their career. Have a look for yourself at the illustrious biography of the Hilltop Hoods

Chart-topping and award-winning, Hilltop Hoods continue to release music to this day — yet now they’ve expanded themselves one step further. A collaboration of their own design, a G-shock watch to fit the urban style they’ve always been about. 

Hilltop Hoods x G-Shock Watch. Design & Inspiration.

Case & Dial

The design is based on the classic G-Shock GBA800, with plenty of new styling features that make this a standout timepiece. Nothing catches the eye quite like the vibrant purple colour they’ve chosen for the highlights. A ‘HTH’ monogram sits on the dial, as you might suspect, short for Hilltop Hoods. 

Hilltop Hoods x G-Shock Watch. Case & Dial.

Like other G-shock designs, this watch has a resin case with incredible shock resistance, perfect for anyone in the front row. The 3-axis accelerometer was a must-have feature for the Hilltop Hoods, perfect for tracking movement and recording your steps and action during one of their concerts. 

This sporty watch features a set of analogue hands, as well as a digital screen from which you can set an alarm, stopwatch, and calendar. 

Case Back & Strap

There’s plenty more to appreciate about this Hip Hop inspired watch. The case back is embellished with that same Hilltop Hoods logo, and set against the purple highlights of the resin strap. 

Hilltop Hoods x G-Shock Watch. Case Back & Strap.

The purple detailing on the strap breaks through the black nicely. While the inside of the strap around the case back is textured for a comfortable grip, the outside presents a much smoother surface. While it looks great, this band has remarkable durability to outlast swimming, sports playing, and concert-going. 

Hilltop Hoods G-Shock Watch Specifications

Like any good G-Shock, you can expect extremely good performance from this watch. Enjoy the aesthetics and convenience of a hybrid dial, with both analogue and digital time. This doubled movement will keep the watch very accurate time, especially with Bluetooth connection and bonus features like an alarm system and world time clock. 

Hilltop Hoods x G-Shock Watch. Specifications.

Here’s a look at the full list of specs below: 

    • Quartz movement
    • Shock resistant resin case
    • Resin Strap
    • Analogue & digital time
    • 200m water resistance
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • 3-axis accelerometer (step counter) 
    • 5 Daily alarms with Flash Alert
    • 300-city world time
    • Countdown timer
    • Hourly Step goal

Final Thoughts

Not only does this Hilltop Hoods G-Shock have a design that’s parallel to the Australian collective's style and brand, but it also comes packed with features and signature durability. This isn’t a limited-edition timepiece to keep in the box: it’s built to last the hard roads you travel.

So, while you’ll also get a Hilltop Hoods timepiece few will ever wear, keep in mind you’ll also be getting a sports watch and helpful tool to make everyday life that little bit easier. Purple highlights, HTH logos and a sleek black design all come together in this special Hip Hop timepiece.

What’s next for the Aussie Rap group? Their single 'Show Business' was released earlier this year, which points to a new LP drop before the end of the year. A new album would be a perfect way to cap off an eventful year for the Hoods. An Australian tour in August-September means that we’ll get to see them on stage in the not-too-distant future. 

Feel free to check out the rest of our range of G-Shock watches! There are plenty more great options if you can’t get your hands on this Hilltop Hoods exclusive. 

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