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Love The Sea And Earth: Introducing The G-Shock GST-B300WLP-1ADR

Based on the G-Shock theme of Love The Sea And The Earth, the G-Steel GST-B300WLP-1ADR supports the activities of WILDLIFE PROMISING. 

WILDLIFE PROMISING is an organisation that works towards better cohabitation between wild animals and humans through social and conservation activities based on scholastic research in Africa. 

The design of the G-Shock watch is inspired by the skin pattern of the African rock python - the largest snake in Africa and an endangered species. 

You can shop the G-Steel GST-B300WLP-1ADR African Rock Python - Love the Sea and the Earth Series watch at Watch Depot, but first, let's take a look in closer detail. 

G-Shock Love The Sea And Earth Collaboration

What Is Love The Sea And Earth?

Love The Sea And The Earth is an initiative and collaboration between Casio G-Shock and various environmental groups to produce collaborative watch models. 

The GST-B300WLP-1ADR is produced to support WILDLIFE PROMISING -an Authorised Nonprofit Corporation (NPO) that works towards coexistence between wildlife and humans in Africa.

They are an organisation that focuses a lot of effort towards leopards living in the East African country of Kenya.

The organisation uses academic research to create improved living environments for these beautiful leopards and many more of the animals living in Africa. 

G-Shock love the sea and the earth

The G-Steel GST-B300WLP-1ADR Design

Based on the G-Steel GST-B300 series, this model features all of the great design innovations that you have come to love, but with a twist.

As mentioned above, the case is decorated with a rock python pattern and marked with the 'Love The Sea And The Earth' logo. 

The watch also comes complete with special packaging which is additionally decorated with the same python pattern. 

G-Shock Wildlife Promising Edition

GST-B300WLP-1ADR Features

This particular G-Steel collaboration is packed with the awesome features you know and love from G-Shock. 

It comes with a resin band, mineral glass, shock resist, 200-metre water resistance, a double LED light, a solar-powered battery, mobile link, and of course, it is housed in the Carbon Core Guard structure.

This structure and shock-resistant construction helps to protect against impacts and vibration.

It provides a protective cushioning of the watches key mechanical parts. That means you can drop it from pretty much any height, and it will prevent contact failure and malfunction.

When the watch is dropped, essentially what happens is the fully enclosing bezel absorbs the shock and protects the buttons.

The bezel also helps to guard the mineral glass face as well, and because the band is curved stiffly, it serves a shock absorber.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the GST-B300WLP-1ADR also allows every function to be controlled via a smartphone.

You can synchronise everything from your watch onto the G-Shock application. This includes everything from your mission log to an interactive map, your stats, and calorie consumption.

In terms of battery, the watch uses Casio’s original solar-charging system which converts not only sunlight but also light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power. So you will never need to charge it! 

On top of that, this G-Steel has a bunch of other cool features. From world time settings to a stopwatch, measuring capacity, a countdown timer, and power-saving capabilities, it is stacked with a bunch of cool features that will assist you in everyday life and on your next adventure. 

G-Shock G-Steel Love The Sea And Earth

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