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G-Shock Gravitymaster Meets Royal Air Force

Casio has partnered with the Royal Air Force to bring you a new limited-edition G-Shock Gravitymaster creation.

If you are in the market for a high performing timepiece, and you are an aviation fan, this G-Shock GRB200RAF Gravitymaster collaboration is for you.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is the United Kingdom's aerial warfare force and the world’s oldest.

The watch is designed to accommodate the severe environments faced by pilots whilst using the essential functions in the Carbon Core Guard structure that we have come to love from G-Shock.

In terms of aesthetics, it is designed and inspired by the Eurofighter Typhoon stealth aircraft which has a simple colour scheme.

It is dark grey in colour, similar to that of the aircraft's body whilst the face colours and digital display are designed to imitate a cockpit.

The words "PER ARDUA AD ASTRA," Latin for "Beyond Adversity to the Stars" and the motto of the RAF, are printed on the band along with the RAF logo which creates a special look and compliments the overall theme.

That’s all well and good, but what features does this watch have? We are glad you asked! Let’s get into it.

G-Shock Gravitymaster GRB200RAF Collaboration

GRB200RAF Gravitymaster Features

The special edition Gravitymaster boasts design features inspired by aviation, and you can see that when you look at the three buttons on the right side of the watch. Why? Because they are arranged to resemble a helicopter control stick while also contributing to ease of operation.

The hands of the watch are designed for maximum visibility, even while in flight, and like any good G-Shock, it is highly resistant to shocks.

The shock-resistant construction provides a protective cushioning of the watches key mechanical parts. That means you can drop it from pretty much any height, and it will prevent contact failure and malfunction.

One of the coolest features of the GRB200RAF Gravitymaster is the internal quad sensor which features a compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer and accelerometer. All of which are essential when you’re up in the air.

You can also access all of these features from the G-Shock Connect App. 

You can also obtain everything from your mission log to an interactive map, your stats and even, your calorie consumption.

What is a mission log? Well, the mission log allows the phone app to automatically record altitude data and route information acquired by the phone's GPS.

You can even program a location indicator by setting a destination on the G-Shock connected app. After that, the second hand will indicate the bearing to the recorded location, whilst the digital display shows the distance to the location.

And, to pair the watch all you have to do is download the G-Shock app, enable Bluetooth and then start the app on your smartphone.

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