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G-Shock Goes Full Metal Jacket With The GMWB5000TVB-1

The latest and greatest from G-Shock comes in the shape of the new GMWB5000TVB-1 Full Metal Virtual Armour 2. You can either revel in its wonderfully exotic and hardened look, or you can be repelled by its almost cliched aesthetic design. Either way, the G-Shock Full Metal Virtual Armour 2 would have caught and held your attention long enough for you to be intrigued at the very least. With its distinct camouflage titanium case and bracelet construct, the G-Shock Full Metal Virtual Armour 2 is a spectacle from any which angle, and it’s a piece that definitely speaks to the G-Shock aficionado with deeper pockets.

The series was launched in October of last year with the GMW-B5000TVA, a piece that drew inspiration from the powered suits found in anime. This translated into a G-Shock watch that was more than the sum of its parts and tugged on the heartstrings of watch collectors and anime enthusiasts alike. 

Fast forward to the middle of 2022, and the G-Shock train continues rolling on, this time with a more viscerally striking watch that marries the worlds of great design, that quintessential G-Shock durability and wonderful functionality into one brilliant timepiece. Its distinct aesthetic is reminiscent of a military-inspired geometric camouflage pattern, both abstract and wonderfully entertaining. 


The G-Shock Full Metal Virtual Armour 2, much like its predecessor, continues with the use of overlaid text along with a textural component thanks to the TIC titanium coating, which is made by using a seven-stage process of coating, layered masking and laser engraving. The end result is a vivid yet subtle display of soft, earthy colours being the piece’s focal point.

But if you continue to delve deeper into the visual details of the G-Shock Full Metal Virtual Armour 2, then you’ll start noticing an abundance of interesting attributes. Like the lug holes in the bezel that reveal the case and fine resin buffering beneath, a nod to the stylistic approach of contemporary design, that sharp and clean incremental colour finishing technology used to differentiate the coloured ion plating, much like the look of high-end virtual gear.

G-shock virtual armour 2 full metal jacket face

The combination of finishing techniques and materials makes a very bold display of modern virtual gameplay, all the while portraying the adept nature of the G-Shock Full Metal Virtual Armour 2 on a timekeeping level. 

Which brings me to my next point: the G-Shock Full Metal Virtual Armour 2’s ability to be a very capable modern timekeeper. It’s a rated Tough Solar G-Shock, meaning it is solar powered, it features a full auto LED light (with an illumination duration of either 2 or 4 seconds), a time calibration signal receptor (which automatically receives up-to-date chronometric data up to six times a day), it has wireless linking via Bluetooth, can show the time in 39 time zones, has daylight saving time on/off preset, has a 1/100th of a second stopwatch, you can program 5 daily alarms into it, has a low battery alert with a power saving mode, a full calendar (to the year 2099), at any one time it will show the hours, minutes, seconds, am/pm, month, date and day, and has a battery life of 10 months in normal mode (or 22 months when stored in darkness with the power saver on after a full charge). Safe to say that the G-Shock Full Metal Virtual Armour 2 definitely has bucket-loads of tech available at hand. And all of this tech is encased in 49mm of titanium with a matching titanium band which weighs 106 grams.

G-shock virtual armour 2 full metal jacket illuminated face

The G-Shock Full Metal Virtual Armour 2 continues on the brand’s thematic and iconic approach to its watchmaking. Recognisable by almost anyone as being a genuine product of Casio’s G-Shock, the Full Metal Virtual Armour 2 is a cut above what you’d expect from the brand. Call it a premium product if you will, but the G-Shock Full Metal Virtual Armour 2 is as much of a G-Shock as any other piece by the brand. Only better.

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