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The First G-Shock With A Replaceable Bezel

Introducing the first-ever G-Shock to come in a pack not only with a replaceable band but a replaceable bezel.

The limited-edition DWE5600CC Circuit Board Camo Pack is the newest in the 5600 series, and it is available now on Watch Depot.

It is sure to be a hit with G-Shock fans because of the level of customisation it offers. With three types of replaceable bands and two bezels included, you’d be crazy to miss out on this innovative, limited edition G-Shock.

What makes this model so impressive? Well, let's find out.

G-Shock Circuit Board Camo Pack Box


The Circuit Board Camo Pack maintains the signature square G-Shock shape from 1983 with the obvious difference being the interchangeable bezel.

The watch features a green circuit board camouflage pattern which is used throughout the 5600 series and it extends onto the outer edges of the dial.

The pack also comes with an interchangeable matte black band and a cloth replacement band. The black band has the module number 3229 engraved on it whilst the cloth band uses phosphorescent reflective for camouflage pattern printing.

The bands have a quick-release slide lever like we have seen in other recent G-Shock watches.

However, there is now no more need to remove the four screws on each side of the lug like the previous 5600 models because a tool is provided to make it easier. It’s as simple as sliding a lever on the back to release the bands. 

The inner case also sports a SHOCK RESIST logo that is visible only when the bezel is removed.

The size of the DWE5600 is slightly larger than previous models, though probably not enough to be noticeable.

G-Shock DWE5600CC Face


In terms of functionality, it features all of the G-Shock features that we have come to know and love over the years, such as:

  • Mineral glass
  • Ectro-luminescent backlight afterglow
  • Stopwatch
  • Multi-function alarm
  • Calendar (good until 2099)
  • Countdown timer (24 hours max, 1 second to 24 hours in 1-second increments, auto-repeat)
  • Shock and water-resistant up to 200 metres

The electronic components of the watch are housed in the lightweight Carbon Core Guard case for added toughness. And this is the first 5600 model to feature the Carbon Core Guard structure.

The structure works by providing greater shock resistance to the module by enclosing it in a carbon case for outstanding strength, crack resistance and durability.

The impact resistance of the case has been enhanced, which enables the band and bezel to be attached and detached with ease.

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All in all, the Circuit Board Camo pack provides design and innovation that has never been seen before in a G-Shock model and you should definitely check it out.

Shop the limited-edition Casio G-Shock DWE5600CC Circuit Board Camo Pack now!

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