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11 Best World Time Watches for Travellers in 2022

With the world beginning to open up again post-COVID-19, and more and more getting the travel bug once again, we thought it was time to create a definitive list of our best world time watches for your 2022 travels. 

Below, we've assorted some of the most useful and stylish timepieces for travelling the world. From watches that tell you the tide in the top surf spots of the world, to watches that make dressing up and going a bit more special, there's something perfect for you on this list. 

11 Best World Time Watches for Travellers in 2022. Luminox GMT watch close up


11 Best World Time Watches for Travellers in 2022

Casio AE1000W-1A3 Gold Tone World Time Mens Watch

Affordable, stylish, practical — what more could you want? This digital Casio watch is built for travel, with a set of 48 cities to cycle through and a set of timekeeping functions such as alarms and a stopwatch.

Like most Casio watches, this timepiece will survive most activities with a durable gold-tone case and shock-resistant resin strap. 

Casio G-Shock GBX100-1D Smartphone Link Bluetooth Mens Watch

Gearing up for a summer holiday? You might want to take this G-Lide watch with you. This world time watch is a surfers’ dream, with a tide graph and a sunrise/sunset time. You can connect to the G-Shock Move app for a dedicated database of the world’s greatest surf spots, it might even help you plan your next trip!

Features aside, this watch is gorgeous. It’s tough and steely, but has a slim rectangular case with a vintage edge. You’ll easily find yourself wearing this powerful timepiece wherever you wander. 

11 Best World Time Watches for Travellers in 2022. G-Lide surfers watch.

Citizen Promaster Sky JY8085-81E Black Stainless Steel Mens Watch

This powerhouse watch is perfect for someone who travels often. Citizen watches are known for their advanced technology, and this timepiece is the perfect example.

When you touch down in Germany or nearby in Europe, the United States, China, or Japan, this watch will pick up a radio signal and automatically switch to the relevant time. Once in those areas, you can swap to the timezones of neighbouring cities around the continent. 

11 Best World Time Watches for Travellers in 2022. Promaster citizen watch with black dial and numbered GMT markings around the bezel.

G-Shock Mudmaster GG-B100-1A Quad Sensor Bluetooth

If you are the outdoorsy type, this travel watch might be the pick for you. The Mudmaster range is capable of dealing with all kinds of dirt and water, making it perfect for hikes and the like. This G-shock watch can measure altitude with its altimeter, meaning you can even tackle mountain climbing. If you are planning to get down and dirty, the Mudmaster will not disappoint. 

11 Best World Time Watches for Travellers in 2022. G-Shock Mudmaster with quad sensor for travelling.

G-Shock GAB2100-2A Carbon Core Bluetooth Solar 'CasiOak'

CasiOak is famous for its stylish case and slim design that’s a little different to most G-Shock watches. The newest and most impressive edition of the G-Shock CasiOak features solar power and bluetooth connectivity for more world time cities and more accurate timekeeping. There are a couple of new Bluetooth CasiOaks to choose from, but this blue model is a favourite. 

11 Best World Time Watches for Travellers in 2022. Blue Casioak with world time and bluetooth connectivity.

Casio AEQ110W1BV World Time Mens Watch

A world-time watch with a dual analogue/digital display to play around with. This timepiece looks  a little more traditional, but you’ll still be able to adjust the hands to the time of your current location with ease. The all-black look is typically great here, and the signature shock and water resistance of this G-Shock is as reliable as ever.

G Steel Solar World Time GSTS110D-1A Stainless Steel Mens Watch

If you want something a little different to the classic Casio G-Shock, a G-Steel watch is a trusty option. You get all the smoothness and style of a stainless steel watch, with the impressive digital technology of a Casio world time watch. Solar power means that this timepiece will always be ready when you’re on the go. 

Luminox XB3762 Bear Grylls Survivor AIR Series Watch

This Swiss-built Luminox watch comes set with an extra GMT hand and a rotating bezel marked with world cities. Built for travel, this timepiece boasts a 200m water resistance and a scratch-proof sapphire glass to survive anything — just like its inspiration, Bear Grylls. Finished in a steel case and milanese mesh bracelet, this is a great piece for a formal dinner or night out, too. 

11 Best World Time Watches for Travellers in 2022. Luminox AIR watch with world cities, and a sleek steel look.

Casio AE1300WH-8A Sports Mens Watch

This watch is subtle, packed with features, and perfect for any traveller who likes to stay active. Reap the benefits of easy-to-use timers and stopwatches, as well as timezones in 48 cities so your watch can keep up with you. This timepiece is highly durable, and extremely precise with its timekeeping. Certainly, one of our best world-time watches, and sports watches. 

Baby-G BA110-7A1 Women's Watch

One the most popular women’s watches in our range, this Baby-G watch is packed with features and travel-ready durability. Keep 29 time zones at your disposal, along with a set of alarms and a timer to keep you on the move. The white and pink look is stylish enough to take anywhere, with a case and band inspired by streetwear.

11 Best World Time Watches for Travellers in 2022. Baby G watch resting on jeans next to black skateboard.

Citizen Eco-Drive BU2082-56E Diamond Set Stainless Steel Mens Watch

This gorgeous Citizen watch is covered in diamonds and plated in gold; a luxury look if there ever was one. Around the bezel is a list of world cities, and a set of 24-hour time markers, both of which can be controlled using a crown under the typical watch crown. Once set to a reference city on the watch, you can add the number of hours marked above each city respectively to find the time in the next cities over. It's a fashionable, impressive travel tool. 

11 Best World Time Watches for Travellers in 2022. Gold plated citizen world time watch with diamonds inlaid in its bezel.

World Time Watches Wrap-up

That concludes our list of best world time watches for 2022! These travel watches are seriously helpful if you're going to be swapping timezones often, like when you're on a tour. Even now that world travel has opened up, navigating travel during the COVID-19 pandemic isn't easy, so it's worth gearing up with the newest and best watches. 

If you think a world time watch is going to help you live out your travel dreams, we absolutely recommended one. And, we with you best of luck with your travels!

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