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Trend Report: The Best Masculine Watches For Ladies

Ever wandered into the women’s section of a store with the intent of picking up the best little thing for yourself, but ended up instead, walking out of the men’s section with a bagful of purchases? If you have, then welcome to the world of androgynous fashion, where women sporting menswear in the form of clothing, accessories, and styles is the newest way to amp up your ensemble and wardrobe.

And while androgynous fashion also involves clothing (which is often rigidly specific to the categories of male or female) let’s stop to take a look at the one accessory nearly everyone sports on a regular basis, but speaks volumes nonetheless: watches. More specifically, the best masculine watches for ladies.


Citizen Promaster Automatic Watch
JAG Black Tone Men's Watch
Seiko Solar Men's Watch
Casio G-Shock Men's Watch

a woman wearing one of the best masculine watches for ladies on her left wrist. the watch is black with rose gold finishes

Our 4 favourite masculine watches for ladies

Without further ado, let’s wade into the waters of the androgynous fashion trend with mens watches.

Traditionally, one of the prevalent beliefs has been that if it’s a dainty watch, it belongs on the wrist of a woman, and if it’s more prominent than 35-36mm in dial, it’s a man’s. While androgynous fashion has long since challenged this belief, millennials today are banishing it all together.

Why limit yourself to the variety (although vast) of womens watches, when there are more options available in the mens watches section?

So here are 4 of our recommended masculine watches for ladies.

  celebrities showing how to wear masculine watches for ladies

1. Citizen Promaster Automatic Watch

In case you were wondering, nothing looks more iconic than the colour duo that has defined trends for a generation. Known in pop culture as the famous ‘Pepsi’ dial, this automatic watch boasts the traditional look of a metal strapped wrist piece with pops of colour of blue and red on the dial.

The Citizen Promaster boasts a one-of-a-kind design, along with features that make it one of the most vied for watches by the brand. Made from stainless steel, and 42 mm in size, this piece is diving-approved and awe-worthy. You can pair it perfectly with your casual t-shirt dress or your classic little black dress, making it the ideal night-out accessory to draw eyes. It could also go amazingly with staple blue jeans and a white shirt. Basically, it’s one of the most timeless masculine watches for ladies!

2. JAG Black Tone Mens Watch

With this sleek baby on your wrist, it’s almost impossible for your look to seem anything but elegant. The perfectly shaped round dial, coupled with the subtlety of the leather strap, makes it a great catch for any woman out there looking to add to her work-wear look, without obvious and metallic appearances.

This piece goes particularly well with most sober workplace attire, like the iconic female power suit, because the lack of glinting metal makes it super muted and appropriate. And while we totally love the chicness of a black watch, all you tan fans out there will appreciate the alternative colour this watch is available in. 

  JAG watches are perfect masculine watches for ladies. Both black and tan options are pictured.

A. JAG J1913 Malcolm Black Tone Mens Watch | B. JAG J1915 Malcolm Mens Watch

3. Seiko Solar Mens Watch

No battery? No problem! This Seiko model runs on sunlight anyway. This amazing piece sports a two-tone metallic appearance that makes it fitting not just for men and women, but also for any kind of skin tone - warm or cool. 

Because of its semi-formal appearance, this seiko watch also has the unique ability of blending in with nearly every kind of outfit, formal or casual - making it the perfect luxury watch that you can wear day today too.

4. Casio G-Shock Mens Watch

With a touch of boldness, and a vibe that exudes action and activity, this sports watch is symbolic of all things dynamic.

As one of the most durable masculine watches for ladies, this watch’s make and functionality make it a must-have piece for all the women who sport a high-functioning lifestyle (pun intended)!

Take it on a run, go for a swim with it - whatever you do, it goes with you and lives to tell the tale. This Casio watch uses resin for the case interior and stainless steel for the bezel cover, creating a look of elegance while remaining lightweight and being a great fit to the wrist - making it a truly unisex watch.

So, now that you know about the best masculine watches for ladies, go crazy with a catalogue full of affordable watches to choose from, right here at Watch Depot! Plus with a wide variety of interest free payment options available, you can afford to spoil yourself!

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