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Never Give Up With Bear Grylls Luminox Watches

Never Give Up. A motto through which Bear Grylls has achieved (and continues to achieve)  great things. Most famous for his time as the host of ‘Man vs. Wild’, Grylls is constantly pushing himself to his limits. His story is not so dissimilar to fellow limit breakers Luminox, whose watches were famously built for Navy SEALs and special night missions. Grylls himself spent time serving the UK Special Forces and Special Air Service (SAS).

Now, Grylls and Luminox have teamed up to create a collection of excellent timepieces: the Bear Grylls Survival Series. Each Bear Grylls watch is designed to help you survive in the world's harshest environments and are built for top-quality durability. All are set with Luminox Light Technology (LLT), meaning these watches are visible deep into the night or deep underwater.

Gear yourself up to take on your next big adventure with the Bear Grylls and Luminox Watches collection. With the ultimate goal of providing the tools to push yourself further and survive the world’s toughest challenges, this is an exciting new chapter for Grylls fans and watch-lovers alike.


The Bear Grylls Luminox Collection

Think of these watches less like accessories and more like multi-tools. You’ll be able to tell the time precisely, of course, but you are going to find all kinds of other uses for your chosen piece. From compasses, to universal time telling, to a list of survival instructions, there’s a plenty to make use of. 

The Bear Grylls Survival Series goes beyond what you know a watch to be. In a survival situation, you need to make use of tools just like this to get through. Bear himself admits that “In survival, every second counts.” With Luminox’s remarkable night visibility and technology, you’ll always have the time available to you to help you make the right decisions. Each piece also comes set with industry-topping durability and water resistance, so you can trust your Bear Grylls timepiece be your guide whenever you need it. 

Luminox XB3745 Bear Grylls Outdoor Explorer

This ultra-durable timepiece is filled with the tools you need for exploring the great outdoors and living your life to the fullest. Featuring a black matte Carbonox case for strength and lightweight feel, partnered with a sapphire crystal glass that’s highly scratch resistant. Dive to near-professional standard depths of 300m with this watch, and use its Luminox Light Technology to view the dial in even complete darkness. On its strap, you’ll find a fully functioning compass. This watch really was built for survival. 

This Luminox timepiece has a super impressive look. Inscribed with Bear Grylls motto ‘Never Give Up’ on the dial and back. The dial itself is finished with a textured yellow dial that looks great. The handset has a brushed steel look, that gives the watch an overall rustic feel. Take a look for yourself: 

Bear Grylls Luminox Watches. Outdoor Explorer

Luminox XB3762 Bear Grylls Survivor AIR Series Watch

A Bear Grylls Survival Series Watch built for the air. This line of watches was initially built by Luminox to supply U.S. Air Force pilots flying stealth jets, and have since become a staple line of the Swiss brand. Expect the same quality and more from this Bear Grylls take on this classic Luminox timepiece.

Enjoy impeccably precise quartz movement and nighttime visibility thanks to Luminox Light Technology. Two hundred metre water resistance is well above industry standard, and sapphire crystal glass will keep your watch scratch proof. This piece has a really strong steel look, with a well-polished case and milanese mesh strap for utmost comfort. 

Bear Grylls Luminox Watches. Survival Series AIR

You might notice the bezel is set with various world cities, and an independent 4th hand marked by orange-red colour. By rotating the bezel you are able to keep time in two countries at once using this 4th hand, which is why the design works so great for pilots. Of course, this is also perfect for travellers and adventurers who find themselves between borders often. The quality of each Bear Grylls watch is evident in the thought that's gone into it. It's clear that there was a lot of passion involved in the project. If you do get your hands on one of these Luminox watches, you won't be disappointed.

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