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Are Tommy Hilfiger Watches Good Quality?

If you’re a keen fashion enthusiast, then you’ve likely heard the name Tommy Hilfiger and about the mark, his eponymous label has left on the fashion world. Oozing style and class, Tommy Hilfiger watches are also becoming a huge commodity among the other major players in the watch game which includes the likes of Seiko, Casio, Pulsar, Skagen and Michael Kors. But are Tommy Hilfiger watches good quality? Read on to find out how they fare among other popular watch brands out there. 


Who Is Tommy Hilfiger?

Born in upstate New York during the early 1950s, Tommy Hilfiger knew he wanted to work in fashion from a very young age. After working at a clothing store for some time, the designer decided to branch out on his own and used his life savings to open up his own store which sold men’s jeans. Unsatisfied with the lack of stock options, he began to sketch up designs for his own apparel. And from there, the Tommy Hilfiger brand we’ve come to know and love today was born.

What started as a menswear brand, has swiftly ballooned into a major retailer that sells everything from women’s fashion and shoes to jewellery and of course, watches.

Lauded by millions, Tommy Hilfiger’s watches are a huge commodity for the brand that launched in the mid-1980s. Selling in over 100 different countries, Tommy Hilfiger has timepieces for every style and lifestyle. And with both men’s watches and Tommy Hilfiger women's watches in their collection, anyone can rock a Tommy watch.

are tommy hilfiger watches good quality: who is tommy

But are Tommy Hilfiger watches good and do they stand the test of time like other beloved watch brands? Read on to find out more! 

Are Tommy Hilfiger Watches Good quality?

With sophisticated pieces to fit just about any look in your wardrobe, Tommy Hilfiger watches are a good piece to have in your collection. Producing sporty, classic and chronograph watches with an emphasis on oversized cases that are sure to make a statement, you’ll find every kind of style and colour you desire in the Tommy watch range. Whether you prefer the timeless feel of a silver watch and a gold watch or the sportiness of a leather watch, there’s something for everyone in their collection.

When it comes to your Tommy Hilfiger watch’s battery life, expect to change the batteries on your timepiece every 2-3 years. This is a battery life that is common among most watch brands on the market today.

are tommy hilfiger watches good

Where Are Tommy Hilfiger Watches Made?

Designed and manufactured by Movado in Switzerland, the watch capital of the world, all Tommy Hilfiger watches are made in China. The movements inside the watch are sourced from Japan. Another of the world’s leading watch-makers, quartz movements from Japan are highly reliable, accurate and rarely require any maintenance.

Are Tommy Hilfiger Watches Good?: Where are Tommy Hilfiger Watches Made?

Are Tommy Hilfiger watches waterproof?

While it is dependent on each watch model, a majority of Tommy Hilfiger watches are waterproof within 30 to 50 metres of water. To learn more about water resistance in watches, check out our Watch Water Resistance Explained explained Guide and our 'are water resistant watches waterproof?' blog for more information.

Are Tommy Hilfiger Watches Good? : Are Tommy Hilfiger watches waterproof

Our Favourite Tommy Hilfiger Watches For Men

Now that you've learnt the answer to 'are Tommy Hilfiger watches good?', you can now explore some of Tommy's signature and stylish men's Tommy Hilfiger watches. Whether you’re looking for the perfect timepiece for every day, the office or your next formal event, you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy in Watch Depot’s exquisite collection of Tommy Hilfiger watches.

Exuding style and class, here are just a few of our favourite men’s watches from Tommy Hilfiger:

With its elegant gold stainless-steel case and fashionable navy blue face, this watch has an incredibly vintage vibe. It feels like something Don Johnson would’ve worn in Miami Vice if the show was around today. Crafted from mineral crystal, this watch is water resistant-meaning you won’t have to fret if you get splashed at the pool. 

Featuring a striking all-black case, bracelet and fashionable dial, this Tommy Hilfiger timepiece is perfect for the man that has an edgier look. Water-resistant in up to 50 metres of water, this sophisticated chronograph watch is the perfect way to take your everyday style up a notch. 

Stand out from the crowd with this show-stopping Tommy Hilfiger timepiece. Featuring a rose-plated stainless steel case and a sporty silicone band in the signature Tommy Hilfiger blue, this watch is perfect for the active guy. This watch also has a tachymeter and is water-resistant within 50 metres of water. 

Our Favourite Tommy Hilfiger Watches For Women

Sophisticated, fashionable and timeless, Tommy Hilfiger certainly has something for everyone with their glamorous range of watches, including for the girls. 

Here are some of our favourite women's watches in Watch Depot’s extraordinary Tommy Hilfiger range.

With its elegant rose gold watch case and unique chronograph dial, this timepiece just exudes class. Featuring Japanese quartz movement and an easy to use tachymeter, this watch is key to sprucing up any look.

Add a little extra class to your look with this sophisticated timepiece featuring a stainless-steel band and unique chronograph dial which accentuates the watch’s gold-tone features. This watch has Japanese quartz movement and is water-resistant up to 30 metres.

Never worry about not having jewellery to match your watch again with this modern and stylish two-tone timepiece. Featuring a gold and silver stainless steel bracelet and elegant face that is adorned with small stones, this watch will bring the oomph to any look.  

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Now that you've learnt the answer to 'are Tommy Hilfiger watches good?', you can now learn how the quality of some other famous watch brands fair, how to change the time on your timepiece and explore some of our favourite watches from 2022 by checking out our people also liked section below! 

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