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Are Ice Watches Any Good & Other FAQs

Ice-Watch are relatively new to the watch scene, but in their 15–year span they’ve accomplished what few watchmakers have done before. Ice Watches are global, and their bright colours and alternative designs have captured the attention of millions. 

The brand continues to make their mark on the world and Australia, with collections being released every year. As Ice-Watch grows in popularity, its understandle that buyers would like to know more about the brand.

So, here we are, ready to answer all of your biggest and best questions. 


Are Ice Watches Any Good?

Ice watches sit mostly within the $100 – $200 price range, and while they are great timepieces in their own right, they are at their best worn as fashion accessories. 

Ice-Watch loves to use lots of colour and modern design in their pieces. One look at the Ice Watches catalogue and you’ll be hit with a rainbow of colour, which is a really refreshing change. Be ready to find popular blue watches and green watches, or classic white watches in their collections. You’ll even see unique pastel shades. 

Are Ice watches Any Good? Green solar watch on wrist.

In many ways, Ice-Watch reminds us that watches can be simple and fun, and still be really good. These timepieces nearly exclusively use silicone bands and stainless steel bands, which makes them durable, but not as pricey as dress or divers watches

Newer models and design keep Ice-Watch as cool as ever, with options for almost anyone. These watches are great at what they do, which is keeping it simple and stylish. 

Are Ice Watches Waterproof?

Because of their soft silicone straps and simple design, most Ice watches have strong water resistance. 

Are Ice watches Any Good? Waterproof Ice glam watch on wrist.

Majority of the brand’s watches have a water resistance from 50m to 100m pressure. This means that rain and general splashes are no problem for your Ice watch. Watches with a 50m water resistance can be used for swimming, while 100m water resistance are good enough for some snorkelling. 

This waterproofing is helpful for anyone that likes to stay active. Your Ice watch will be able to deal with running and sporting activities that involve water or sweat. For the price of an Ice watch, you won’t find much better water resistance — especially in a fashion watch. 

How Much Is An Ice Watch?

Ice Watches are some of the most affordable out there. As we’ve mentioned, you can expect the price of an ice watch to be listed around $100 – $200 in price. The Belgian brand's owner has gone on record saying that he’s dedicated to staying around this price range. 

Are Ice watches Any Good? Sporty Ice watch with black case and green accents.

Most of their timepieces are made from silicone with stainless steel highlights, but the Ice Steel range features a steel case. Because of the material choice, this collection can be slightly more expensive than the average Ice-Watch. 

On the other end, Kids Ice watches are often cheaper than their adult counterparts. Expect to pay just under or over $100 for most of their kids' watches selection. 

Where Are Ice Watches Made?

As a global brand, The Ice-Watch process happens all over the world. They are designed in their home country of Belgium, and crafted with exquisite Japanese watch movements. The Headquarters of the company stays active in the city of Bastogne. 

Are Ice watches Any Good? Sporty orange ice watch on the wrist of basketball player.

Ice watches are manufactured in China, before travelling to stores around the world with the help of logistics and distribution teams in Hong Kong. This process is very similar to other popular watchmakers around the world. 

Who Makes Ice Watches?

Ice Watches were first created and designed by Jean-Pierre Lutgen in Belgium. It began in 2007, focusing on creating colourful watches and keeping an ice-like brand transparency. 

Since then Ice-Watch has drastically expanded, selling 20 million units worldwide, according to an interview with owner Jean-Pierre Lutgen by Bulletin. 

Jean-Pierre and his team in Belgium continue to design Ice watches to this day, adding new dimensions to the original vision of Ice-Watch. His new vision to add solar power to his watches has been a major success. Now, Ice watches are some of the most reliable and eco-friendly brands on the watch market.

At the heart of Ice-Watch design is colour and a charming easiness. We’re very excited to present their collection as part of our range of kids, mens, and women’s watches

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