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8 Affordable Watch Brands & Their Best Watches for 2022

Shopping for watches has never been easier when you consider just inadvertently spoilt we are when it comes to choice. With everything from daring digital watches and sophisticated chronograph watches to innovative smart watches and classic analogue pieces, there is no shortage of options out there when you are preparing to make your next watch purchase and picking something based on what fits into your lifestyle. The same goes for when you are shopping on a budget, in there sense that timepieces only becoming more and more accessible to the masses. So much so that we no longer live in an era where only the super-rich can afford to buy a high-quality watch. 

Sure, there is still a fair share of watch brands out there that will charge in the thousands for just their baseline models alone. But, there are also countless brands, many of which are lauded for their stylish designs and exceptional craftsmanship who offer quality women’s watches, men’s watches and more for a relatively affordable price.

From timeless classics including Casio and G-Shock all the way to contemporary marvels such as Daniel Wellington, Fossil and JAG, read on as we unpack 8 affordable watch brands and their best watches for 2022.

Overview | 9 Affordable Watch Brands & Their Best Watches for 2022

Best Affordable Watches For 2022 Under $350

There has always been an assumption that paying more automatically equates to better quality, however, if the watches mentioned below are any indication, that is simply not the case. Regardless of whether you are on the hunt for a sleek automatic watch, a pared-back unisex watch, or even a kid’s watch to teach your littlest family member good timekeeping habits, there is no reason why you can’t pick up a good one from these affordable watch brands for $350…or even as little as $100 in some cases. 

Active Pro

Combining technical innovation with a stylish and carefree pared-back design, Active Pro watches are a go-to for those who live life constantly on the go. With Bluetooth connectivity abilities and a whole slate of other features that will help support your fitness including a heart rate monitor, a step counter, a sleep quality indicator and even a hydration reminder feature, the ActivePro smartwatch range are peak functionality. Ideal for all occasions, it is likely you will make use of the Active Pro and its reliable activity functions at every turn whether you are getting your adrenaline rush in the great outdoors, getting sweaty at the gym, or running daily errands and getting into the daily grind at the office. 

9 Affordable Watch Brands & Their Best Watches for 2022

With a diverse range of models in its armoury, this affordable watch brand has something for the whole family. For adults, there’s the classic ActivePro+ plus which allows you the choice between classic black, sporty silver and romantic rose gold, or the newly released Active Pro PDS-AP-Earbuds-591 which comes equipped with a set of true wireless earbuds. Then there are the brand’s kid’s smartwatches that are packed full of functions that will not only keep your little one entertained but will also encourage learning. 


An unofficial 80s icon, Casio watches have been a favourite among those with a taste for digital watches since 1974, before which the Japanese brand was primarily known for selling calculators and musical instruments. Since then, however, they have become a major player in the watch world that is renowned for their detail-orientated designs and refined craftsmanship, particularly, in the digital watch space. Offering everything from edgy analogue watches with an incredibly reliable quartz movement and retro rectangular digital watches, to innovative Ana-Digi watches and even wall clocks, the Casio watches range is not only super diverse but very budget-friendly with many watches selling for as little as $50. 

Casio | 9 Affordable Watch Brands & Their Best Watches for 2022

But if there is one model that everyone goes gaga for in this legendary watch brand’s range, it is the vintage Casio watches. Boasting a sleek design and cutting-edge technology, vintage Casio watches have undoubtedly defined digital timekeeping and with the world’s penchant for nostalgia as well as all things vintage, these Casio models are arguably their best watches for 2022. Complete with a hardwearing yet comfortable stainless-steel case and band, these Casio models are not only extremely durable but are also very versatile and timeless. However, arguably the best quality of these stainless steel watches is that they are likely to be part of your collection for many more years to come.


When choosing your next timepiece, the model that you end up settling on will most likely fit a very strict criteria that is based on three things: quality, design and of course durability. No models fit this very concise criteria than G-Shock watches. Synonymous for their gritty and sporty designs as well as their tough exterior, if you were to look up enduring watches in the dictionary we are certain that it mentions these watches. Constructed from hardwearing materials such as resin and stainless steel, all G-Shock models are shock-resistant, something that gives them the ability to withstand even the toughest of blows. 

G-Shock | 9 Affordable Watch Brands & Their Best Watches for 2022

However, in spite of their rigid exterior and often exaggerated designs, the G-Shock CasiOak watches remain the brand’s most daring and ambiguous designs yet. Coming in all shades of the rainbow, the G-Shock GA-2100 watches have an elegantly designed pared-back exterior that still manages to embody that brand’s signature toughness while also offering a look that is more subtle. Featuring a unique octagonal dial that was modelled after the Casio brand’s watches from the 1980s, these G-Shock carbon core guard watches not only have a timeless design but are also equipped with three extra layers of protection due to the innovative carbon core structure embedded in the watch’s case. 

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Daniel Wellington

With elegant stainless steel and leather dress watches, Daniel Wellington is a brand that is synonymous with sophistication and class. Since their launch in 2011, Daniel Wellington watches have always been a go-to for those looking for the perfect all-rounder watch. Whether you are at work, running errands or attending a formal event, you can always count on these refined stainless steel and leather watches to bring the glamour. Modelled after luxury dress watches from all the brands that we have all come to know and love over the years, Daniel Wellington's timepieces embody the style and aesthetic of a Swiss watch brand for a fraction of the price.  

Daniel Wellington | 9 Affordable Watch Brands & Their Best Watches for 2022

While all their models are fairly classic, the brand’s Quadro models have always been a favourite among those looking for a unique dress watch that is guaranteed to stand the test of time. From their unconventional rectangular face which comes in a series of diverse shades ranging from classic white and eclectic mother of pearl to daring jade green, as well as their sleek leather and mesh stainless steel bracelets that offer both style and comfort, the Daniel Wellington Quadro range is more akin to a piece of jewellery than a timepiece. So much so that the brand even launched an accessories collection consisting of bracelets, bangles, rings and necklaces specifically for people to pair with their Daniel Wellington Quadro watch. 

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From analogue and digital timepieces all the way to high-tech smartwatches, there is no range more diverse than the one that is offered by Fossil. What started off as a relatively small accessories brand with a few stores in the United States has quickly ballooned into a worldwide brand offering everything from handbags and jewellery to small leather goods and even watches. A favourite for women’s watches, Fossil specialise in timepieces that are perfect for everyday wear. From their romantic crystal-encrusted rose gold watches and their sporty leather watches to their timeless gold watches and silver watches, there are endless choices on offer in the Fossil watches collection. 

Fossil | 9 Affordable Watch Brands & Their Best Watches for 2022

Crafted from high-quality materials that are durable enough to withstand the rigours of everyday life, a real highlight of the Fossil range are some of their more minimalist watches. Complete with a stainless steel case that is complemented by either a leather, mesh or link band, these Fossil watches are ideal for all kinds of occasions thanks to their timeless design and sublime craftsmanship. Utilising both classic analogue and chronograph dials, all non-digital or smart Fossil watches feature an ultra-reliable quartz movement for optimum accuracy and seamless timekeeping. And with some models starting off for as little as $139, the incredibly timeless and versatile minimalist Fossil watches are also prime for gift-giving.


Born out of the Seiko Watch Corporation in 1979, Alba watches have become a symbol of value and quality within the timepiece world. Immensely popular in Asia and the Middle East, what sets Alba apart from Seiko watches and Pulsar watches, two other brands in the Seiko Watch Corporation’s armoury, is their colourful and eclectic design choices. Identifiable by their intricately designed watch dials, vibrant colours and elegant stainless steel finish, Alba may have somewhat of a more eclectic design flair, however, it still manages to remain timeless. Perfect for formal dressing, Alba watches have a truly timeless facade that you will no doubt cherish for life.

10 Affordable Watch Brands & Their Best Watches for 2022

When it comes to finding the perfect everyday dress watch that is both functional and stylish, no brand excels more in this area better than Alba watches, particularly with their Prestige line. It can be argued that in order to thrive in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven business world one must not only embrace new ideas and innovation but should also have an appreciation for the values of tradition and nothing embodies this sentiment better than the Alba Prestige Collection. Mixing hardwearing stainless steel and timeless analogue dials with vibrant colours and unique design adornments, Alba’s Prestige watches are the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. 

Tommy Hilfiger

Since the launch of this sporty and preppy eponymous line back in the early 1980s, Tommy Hilfiger has always been the heart and soul of the street style aesthetic, especially with their range of sleek, and edgy yet classic watches. Initially released in 2004 through renowned watchmaker Movado which also produces timepieces for a few other fashion brands, each Tommy Hilfiger watch is carefully designed to fit the fashion-forward brand that this label has been synonymous with. From cutting-edge chronographs and elegant analogue models to eye-catching black watches and regal rose gold mesh watches, the Tommy Hilfiger watch line is so diverse that there is undoubtedly a model for everyone. 

Tommy Hilfiger | 9 Affordable Watch Brands & Their Best Watches for 2022

Known for their uber-stylish and contemporary chronograph models. Most Tommy watches are equipped with a whole range of handy features including a multi-functional display that highlights the date, the day of the week as well as the current time in a 24-hour format and a 50-metre water resistance limit, these unisex watches are a great all-rounder piece that you will likely rely on for many more years to come. Offering a multitude of styles including classic stainless steel, smart leather and ultra-sparkly Swarovski crystal, Tommy’s chronograph models were definitely designed with the fashionista in mind and with a majority of models falling under the $200 mark, they are also quite the steal. 


Another street-style icon, JAG may fly under the radar when it comes to watches but with their timeless design and outstanding craftsmanship, they are not to be underestimated. With a majority of their models falling under $150, JAG watches exude style, sophistication and class. Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect gift for a loved one or you are in the market for a timepiece upgrade, JAG’s ageless and lust-worthy style has definitely got you covered. Proof that elegance and reliability shouldn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg, the brand’s women’s and men’s watches are the definition of a staple piece.

JAG | 10 Affordable Watch Brands & Their Best Watches for 2022

While a majority of JAG’s designs seamlessly fit the criteria to become a forever piece, their mesh band watches are a real standout from the collection. Boasting a glamorous stainless steel exterior, many people arguably gravitate towards JAG’s watches featuring a mesh band not only for their price but also because they resemble a piece of jewellery rather than a watch. And with hues ranging from classic yellow gold and silver to sleek grey and romantic rose gold, JAG’s mesh watches ensure that your timepiece will blend perfectly with the colour and setting of all your accessories. And perhaps best of all, many of them retail for well under $100.

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