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All You Need to Know About the Citizen Promaster Marine NY0071-81E

The Citizen Promaster Marine NY0071-81E is the latest instalment in the Promaster Marine Collection and it’s sure to stand out on your wrist! It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the depths of the ocean or enjoying a day out with your mates, the Citizen Promaster watch collection is designed to make you feel invincible.

Citizen has been making dive watches since the Parawater in 1959. Due to the success of the Parawater range, Citizen brought out the Promaster range in 1993. And the NY0071-81E is just the latest instalment which of course, embodies the Promaster spirit of adventure.

Want to learn more about the Citizen Promaster Marine NY0071-81E watch? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Find out which key features make this striking timepiece so great below.

Citizen Promaster Marine NY0071-81E detail

Citizen Promaster Water Resistance

Of course, the main drawcard for any Citizen watch is its water-resistant nature! The NY0071-81E is ISO compliant and comes equipped with 20 bar water-resistant technology. This means that the watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters or 200 atmospheres.

Because of its hard-wearing elements and ISO6425 diving certification, you can be sure it is the ultimate accessory for your underwater adventures. To gain the ISO6425 tag and a water resistance rating of 200m, a watch must be capable of going down 120% of that water resistance. So, what that means is, the watch is actually capable of reaching 250m. However, we would not recommend taking your NY0071-81E down that far!

Despite being compliant for scuba diving, you can wear your Citizen Promaster NY0071-81E in all sorts of situations. From working with water in daily life and taking a shower to participating in water activities such as swimming, surfing or jet skiing – the Promaster Marine can handle it all.

The watch has been tested and certified to meet the international standards for a diving watch. In fact, to be ISO6425 certified, every single watch must be tested! So, you should really make sure that you only go diving with ISO certified watches. And because Citizen is such a reputable brand, you can be assured that your Citizen Promaster Marine NY0071-81E is compliant.

To find out more about water resistance, check out our ‘understanding your water resistant watch’ blog.

Citizen Promaster Marine NY0071-81E button

Super Titanium Case and Bracelet

Citizen is famous for making some of the best diver watches on the market, and the Promaster Marine NY0071-81E is no different. It is designed to make you feel invincible and the super titanium bracelet certainly helps with that.

It fights the wear and tear of everyday life with titanium that is five times harder than stainless steel and 40% lighter. The recessed bezel also helps to prevent any damage to the face of the watch. Despite titanium feeling like it is not as durable, Citizen does not compromise on quality when it comes to their metal.

The titanium case is perfect for diving because of its lightness and resistant to scratch and rust. The bracelet also features mineral glass and day/date functionality. Complete with a push-button buckle to make sure it never escapes your wrist, the NY0071-81E is the perfect choice for a diver.

We have no doubt that it will stand the test of time for future generations to enjoy!

Citizen Promaster Marine NY0071-81E band

Citizen Marine Battery

One of the more attractive features of this dive watch is its automatic movement, which means you won't need to have it pressure tested when it runs out. The average diver’s watch needs to have its battery pressure tested before being replaced (when it runs out), but this watch changes the game!

Affordable, robust, and simple, this is one of the best watches you can get — even if you aren't actually putting its durability to the test.


Citizen Promaster Marine NY0071-81E battery

The Promaster Marine NY0071-81E Design

With an emerald green bezel and sleek black dial, this timepiece will turn heads wherever you go. From the water to the street, the Citizen Promaster Marine NY0071-81E is sure to stand out on your wrist.

Its long hands are characteristic of mechanical movement that Citizen provides. The watches beautiful dial design features meticulous attention to dial detail. And that is what we have come to expect with the Citizen Promaster range.

The bezel is rotatable to one side and the face features a day/date display. With luminous hands, there is no way you can lose this watch in the ocean! It helps you to read the time in a dark place. How does it do this? Well, the luminous paint stores light (daylight or artificial light) and glows in a dark place. And don’t worry, it’s free from any radioactive substance or any other material harmful to a human body or environment.

Citizen Promaster Marine NY0071-81E design

All in all, the Citizen Promaster Marine NY0071-81E watch is one of the most charming men’s dive watches by Citizen. It doesn’t matter if you have the intention of diving into the deeper blue or not, you don’t want to miss out on having it.

Be it in your collection or on your wrist, this new Citizen Promaster Marine watch will be the best companion on all your adventures. Find great alternatives in our Citizen chronograph watches collection.

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